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  1. I want you ta COME BACK SC

  2. SC TTT Server inflation

    Havent we in the past though arranged meeting on the teamspeak? My point is by trying to arrange this is give the server a little kick so it wakes up after that its up and about
  3. SC TTT Server inflation

    Also I know im not in any sort of leadership postition but I do just want to find some sort of way to get the server fairly active again.
  4. Also sorr I think I came off the wrong way and you misunderstood Im trying to say that the server hasnt been able to get back up. Its still a living being the servers are still running and everything it stores is still there its just....... Taking a nap I guess I could say. It just needs something to get back on its feet
  5. Hi! im sure you all know me but I have a possible idea to bolster user traffic. Generally, The gist of it is to have a organized login onto the server at a planned time and date. The goal of this is to have people come back on so that people arent warded off by the big 0 The idea is still in concept so I would be extremely open to new suggestions and to know when you all are available
  6. Why do you reply to this thread with toxicity I already know people are busy with school as ive said here Also the community isnt "dead" People have just been busy im saying the server is dead for now atleast. I dont think I need authority to read the users in the server on a saturday. A good example is Haniwa not having to say Bowsette is dead for bowsette to be dead. Its really defined by the community so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Not declaring simply a sh*tpost if it was a declaration id put it in announcements. Obviously weve all just been busy its just saddening that its at 0 on saturdays (also I have no knowledge of the other servers as I dont use them so ease up a bit k?)
  8. tbh its just really sad.Cant we just all get back on?
  9. Noene really noticed when taco fixed the crashing so yeah everyones stayed off and been busy with other games and school. Its saddening Perhaps we can all give it another try this Saturday??? I mean Taco fixed the issues you guys just havent noticed
  10. I check in on some saturdays and stay on for hours w/o more than a single person come in. Jee I hope you can back soon Come back soon K?
  11. Sentinels Introduction

    Im gay too buddy just in a weirder way......ANYWAYS WELCOME!
  12. Why must you do this taco... XP

    1. White Knight

      White Knight

      Well actually, in the gmod server people were talking shit to chi and apperantly she supposed to take it? and when we told them to stop they started calling staff white knights.

    2. Nibun


      Yeah man you a real one

  13. Forum's Revival Projects

    Even I have been off the forums forums screwed

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