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  1. Witherrrer

    Forum's Revival Projects

    It can't be revived if it ain't dead.
  2. Witherrrer

    Farewell, possibly forever

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaa, I have changed my mind, ish.
  3. Witherrrer

    Nibun proclaims the Forum as dead

    funny how I am watching dragon ball z as I am reading this. Cell saga is the best saga in Dbz
  4. Witherrrer

    Dumbest/Funniest things you've heard

    the forums shall never die with me around, Im the the spark that will burn the first order down. also during a gun fight asshole panda: wait lemme reload first.
  5. Witherrrer

    Re-add the best Traitor Weapon in the game

    Guilty. EDIT: I realize just saying guilty is off topic ish, so I shall quickly say yes, I agree the targeting is bad.
  6. Witherrrer

    about me-blackfire

    Nah, man, my name is the best there is.
  7. Witherrrer

    Re-add the best Traitor Weapon in the game

    I think, what should happen, if it is goin' to change (I know it will, due to the pestering mlg) is a ) knifes should be a one hit back stab, and a two hit to the front. b ) Thrillers are kinda bugged rn, so idk what should happen c ) harpoon stays, no matter what.
  8. Witherrrer

    2018 Super Central Marathon of Doom

    Ok here goes one final round of more fun. Introducing: BLIND ROUND a round where everyone is blind. How do you see? in ghost dm, you are able to see a red ping on the other player. With this idea, everyones "ping" will be exposed. that might put a traitor at a tactical advantage, or a major dis advantage.
  9. Witherrrer


    *breaths in* BOI. Ok I want more ttt weapons, I really do. Why can't have the gadamn BFG from doom, or the holy hand grenade. Why not a tactical nuke too while your at it? Ok my point is, they are workin on it. Just wait.
  10. Witherrrer

    talk about too deep

    that's me boi tail's, the guy who helped me around when i first joined, the guy who gave me 2 games out of the blue (I had one of them on my wish list) and the guy who made me neat avatars for no reason, I naged him alot if we could do some sand boxin' and he said sure every time. When I heard that he got banned, i came in his defense. If that makes sense to you all.
  11. Witherrrer


  12. Witherrrer

    Suicide Hotlines for Staff/Users

    how bout www.Micahisghey.com/ko

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