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  1. Hi Robbie! welcome if you want to get to know lot of the community better, i would suggest joining the supercentral discord here is a link https://discord.gg/ykuJKnd
  2. Gaming Community Central (GCC) is hosting a Player Unknown's Battleground's tournament! Yay! The tournament is free, and for funzies only, and of course bragging rights. You can find information about the event here: https://gamingcommunitycentral.com/pubg-tournament/ If you have questions or would like to participate, please message me on Discord SpicySalsa#3611
  3. shoutout to my belt for keeping my dick in my pants

    1. Micah


      how does a belt help ur peepee stay under control???

  4. You can try Verifying game files as Levin and Yami said, but if that doesnt work you can try and reinstall gmod as a whole. You can Verify game files by doing this: Go to library in steam and right click Gmod Select the "Local Files" Tab click "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
  5. Based on the evidence provided i see a one week ban as excessive. There is only evidence of Flytrap insulting 1 player, (who flytrap states RDMed him)mand 1 Staff member. The screenshots of so called "abuse" dont prove anything, as flytrap did not use his commands to gain an advantage and they did not effect gameplay.
  6. This was one of the easy bans i did on that day. it was quite simple, I was already suspicious of you and your friend ghosting, so i decided to kill one of you (while i was a Traitor) to see if the other would murder me. Sure enough, after killing one of you, the other came up and shot me randomly. I looked at the deathscene and sure enough you were nowhere near when i killing your friend.
  7. Judging by the X-rays preformed by me, Dr. Spicy and my specialists i have uncovered that Red is indeed pregnant, and has contracted stage 5 terminal gay
  8. When appealing a ban, please follow the correct format(you can update your original post using the "edit" button and just change it to the unban format) : For Unban Requests: Steam ID: In Game Name: Admin that banned you: Length of Ban: Why were you banned?: Why should we consider unbanning?: Which Server?: Map name: Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc):
  9. I could of been the one who banned you, because i do remember putting a reason walls + possible aimlock but i am not completely sure. i will also look through my files to find what ever demo or video thing i have to show that you were cheating, (if i was the one who banned you) Also, you say you have been playing for the past 3 years or so, but gametracker has no records of the name "Laconic Lamp" is there another name you went by ? Edit: I found a record of you on the server, but there is only 236 minutes on record (roughly 4 hours)
  10. Except it was not 2 RDM's and 1 random damage. Evidenced by the screenshots which you have no way of denying, you RDMed 4 times + the incen which killed and damaged multiple players, killing 2 specific players 13 times in a row. I will not be reducing or removing your ban, you are a regular and it should be common sense not to RDM.
  11. The point of the ban is the fact that you did not learn your lesson after the slays and kick's were given. You continued to RDM, almost ignoring the previous actions taken towards you. It was your own choice to continue to random damage people, as the above screenshots show. (i was also told you were RDMing the previous map, but I personally do not have any evidence of this and shall not use it as evidence, because that is a hearsay type deal) And I was not the one who banned you. I am simply standing up for the staff member who did, as they asked permission from me personally to ban you. I gave them permission, got on the server, and the first thing i told you was "i suggest you stop RDMing". We gave you chances to stop RDMing, and the Staff member whom i gave permission WAITED to see if you would random damage again (after i gave you the verbal warning) before banning you. You were given multiple chances, and so blatantly ignored them.
  12. that what you dont really understand here. serving your slays does not pardon you from them, just because you served your slays does not mean you can not be banned later on for the same continued behavior. When the slays were given to you, how were the staff members supposed to know you would constantly be randomly damaging people? Your ban was given for the continued RDM after slays and a kick were warranted.
  13. Diz RaiQuaan. Throwing an incen into people as an innocent, regardless if they are jailed or not, is still RDM. You killed the players about 13 times and damaged others around it. After throwing the Incen, you proceded to go around randomly damaging people, (mainly frog) with the excuse "i have 0 karma so i do 0 damage" Here are your screenshots my good sir https://imgur.com/1Y3a7TJ https://imgur.com/7l0re22 https://imgur.com/ZMpz7v9 https://imgur.com/H7nlGeC https://imgur.com/Bczroym
  14. Diz Iz RaiQuaaaaaaan

  15. Accept the fact that you have made far too many mistakes to go unpunished, and maybe i would take your Appeal seriously. and btw dude if the ban was "Falsified" and "Impulsive" then it would have been removed by now. I am finished arguing with you about this ban, and I will not be lifting it.
  16. Annoyed for doing your reports? Dude, you really dont understand. I became a staff for the sole purpose of handling reports, and helping the community. This is not the first time you broke the rules, and you have been punished for it.
  17. Arguing(at the moment this is all i have, but other staff members can attest for how many times you have argued) https://imgur.com/G9gt7IX https://imgur.com/audEZRd The RDM(from the last two maps, i had already banned you for 3 days for RDMing)+two false reports shown somewhere in here: https://imgur.com/H8V1aI6 https://imgur.com/HSqZWQW https://imgur.com/qiKCm7t https://imgur.com/xz0wKUz https://imgur.com/BS3POlI As for the targeting, you have targeted Clara in the past by RDMing every time you are Detective, and also Randomly Damaging Herzig every round before i banned you.
  18. This is a complete lie, as you stayed in the teamspeak channel deafened with me and frog for about 2 hours post ban. You have a a few hours if not a day left on your ban, sit through it like any other player
  19. You RDMed 3 innocents in one round, and this is NOT your first time RDMing on the TTT server. I will not be unbanning, as we told you to come back after you were karma kicked, to serve your slays. FrogDoggo and I warned you to come server your slays, and you never came back. This was twice that we warned you. You didnt come back to the server of your own free will, and got the punishment for it. As for screenshots of the RDM manager, i no longer have them as I just got a new laptop.
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