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  1. 1. why would i gag him for that? even if i were to abuse i would not gag him for something so little. please provide proof he said that, just because you said that does not mean it happened my word against yours. anyways 1/3 of my punishment is held together by a 3 second gag so far we can all agree that i was disrespectful other then that nothing is proven.
  2. lmao he would not shut up he was talking and would not let go of his mic. (held for near 15sec before i gagged him) that's not proof..... Where does it say my name/any proof i was even there other then me saying i was, and there's no video evidence of what happened in voice chat just the fact that i gagged and ungagged him. Ruby said he was going to report me for that but i did not think anything of it cause you know it was not abuse O_o. this is one of the worst things you could use against me If this is considered proof against me then my screenshots of staff randomly muting me are proof
  3. i have seen clara disrespect players at least 5 times and most of the those times you were online she was never punished (1 of those times was during the t room incident) . I would also like to see screenshots of me being disrespectful on different occasions. Well there's nothing else related to "trouble" . Still no proof of me abusing... o wait cause i never did O_o, The reasoning never really went in detail. Please tell red to explain what kind of trouble and abusing. I am not getting anything to defend myself with...... Please provide proof of anything your saying other then the things we both can agree on.
  4. i was disrespectful towards that player for rdming me causing us to lose the round that would make anyone mad. but i have seen frog not mute/gag players who say the same thing and he constantly mutes me for random stuff and it pisses me off. and all the T's were spamming the t door, we were told afterwards to stop and we did we were not purposely causing trouble. also its not like this was happening all at the same time they were atleast 2 hours from each other. btw: motd says its a mute kick then week ban i was disrespectful 2 times i should of only been kicked no further punishment should of been given.
  5. 1. i was disrespectful i understand that, frog then muted me causing me to get annoyed and escalate the situation end result, kicked. (even if i can name players that constantly disrespect and are not punished) 2. trouble, I'm assuming your referring to the spamming of the t room which i did stop after being asked once did not even know that was not allowed until after, all i did after was try and get other people to open it. i was then told to stop and i did 3. please back up your claims of me abusing since that claim is completely false.(video please) I see no reason this punishment should be this harsh. From my perspective it seems the other two were added so I could be banned.
  6. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:94506651 In Game Name: | PenisFlyTrap | Admin that banned you: Redfire Length of Ban: 1 week Why were you banned?: i was never really givin a reason, "youre not high and mighty as you think you are" (i asked in dms and i was told it was for multiple reasons) Why should we consider unbanning?: Well, the fact i dont know why i was banned means i deserve a ban i should be paying more attention on my actions. so im not asking for a unban im asking for a reduced punishment, i play daily for around 5 hours so just not being on the server is killing me, also i would like to know the things that caused my ban so i can reflect and improve on those things so this does not happen again in the future. Which Server?: minecraft 24/7 minecraft Map name: the map just changed did not see name (the map with light) Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): nothing
  7. well I obviously did not understand what you said.... and i took a 2 month break i did not even know that was a rule.
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:94506651 In Game Name: | Pointless | Admin that banned you: SpicySalsa Length of Ban: 3 days Why were you banned?: um so i got bored and i ungagged all (nobody was gagged at that time) and i guess it broke a rule called MIA Why should we consider unbanning?: Well after the first time i did it he said "stop before i ban you MIA fucker. so i thought he was spelling it wierd on purpose as a joke so i said "ok *wink* then i did it again and he banned me. i did not know what MIA was until someone told me after i was banned , The way I was warned also was not clear. Which Server?: TTT 24/7 minecraft no downloads Map name: ttt_mc_mineshaft Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): nope
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