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  1. I return to ask one question October 6, 2018 - What does trust mean to you? And can you apply all of those you claim to truly trust?
  2. On that note, I went through your aliases that Steam could provide me, and I've calculated around only 60 hours in total. That's over 3 years? That's lot, I mean in one year, I've only accumulated about 800+ hours, but that's just chump change compared your supposed reason for you being wrongfully banned. Honey, think of another reason, because that ain't gonna work.
  3. Something that won't cause controversy, preferably.
  4. Moonith Monolith Same difference.
  5. I added 1000 slays to a user with a phrase like, "A Worthy Sacrifice", but they weren't removed in time. They served about e slays before someone came on to remove them, since I couldn't.
  6. The "threat" wasn't aimed at you; the demand to stop being toxic was aimed at Petrim for he has a track record of multiple RDMs. Since you've obvioulsy seen Frog for an extensively more amount of time than I ever could have imagined, please tell me what he can improve on in this quest to become the PERFECT staff member in your snowflake eyes
  7. Well, Heartless is a staff member too, so he has as much insight a Frog does in this, and would most likely disagree with what you are saying about him, and dpii was just banned for many reasons. Sounds like your witnesses are dying off. Frog is a capable staff member and knows what the Frog he's doing, and Petrim, stop now or actions will be taken. Do not disrespect Frog on the Forums: you're asking to be mauled by the community further.
  8. From the looks of who was on: just you and him; if you didn't like what he was saying about you, y didn't you leave and put it in the #reports section of the discord, or contact a staff member about it?
  9. I, myself cannot prove that he was DDOSed, because it would be on his end; but I do also prove that you threatened to DDOS someone; and this didn't seen to be in a joking manner. It should be common sense to know not to threaten someone with a DDOS, since DDOSing in general is permabannable immediately.
  10. Thursday, May 31, 2018 Math2718: and you were actually DDOSed? StraightUpRainbows: yes StraightUpRainbows: twice Math2718: just need confirmation Math2718: o wow Math2718: thanks for the info StraightUpRainbows: np
  11. Well, I do have screenshots of you threatening to DDOS Straighuprainbows (twice) and a screenshot of the conformation I had with him. Fucking files won't load properly.
  12. But it kinda IS metagaming as you're using info from that game in the wrong way, like Karma. Using the in-game info not for its intended use is the basis of metagaming.
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