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  1. No fun anymore :/

  2. Panri


    I'd time travel to make this post four years ago
  3. Panri


    Oh ooof format I forgot Hi I'm Panri from the Philippines u v u I turned 20 three days ago uhm I know most of everyone in supercetral or got to talk to em at least once yayyyyyyyy My hobbies are uhhh currently cosplay and photography I used to do alot of graphic and digital arts but uhhh my stylus broke and I've never gotten around to buying a new one ever since :DDD
  4. Don't be depressi eat some spaghetti

  5. Warned the ts to stop delaying but they still wont do anything I know the t playing is bad but the round has been dragged on for too long So I tried to slap both of you because he was still delaying but for some reason the command didn't work, so I tped you out to end the round I admit that was unfair and sorry for that I should have just slayed the t If you still want to hold it against me then I'm okay with having a demotion, hmmkay?
  6. Exams next week u n u

  7. @tails you don't know what real sopas taste like then - 3 -
  8. I shaved off half of my eyebrows for cosplay. Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé

    1. Tails


      why would you even do that,

      even if it's just for cosplay?

    2. Kyledozer


      I shaved half my eyebrows off for a group of dares worth $70......In the end everybody backed out and nobody put money in


    3. Witherrrer
  9. bai bai if ever you're going back to korea buy Honey Butter Chips AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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