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  1. Redfire1205

    Unban request

    By evidence, we mean from when the incident occur that can back you up that the ban is false. The CSGO clip doesn't prove anything as Levin stated above.
  2. Redfire1205

    GCC PUBG Tournament

    Posted on 4:20
  3. Redfire1205

    Selling GameGalaxy Snoring.wav

    Make it $50
  4. Redfire1205

    Sentinels Introduction

    Hola comprade
  5. Redfire1205

    Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    There was a little misunderstanding with putting reason, but I did change it to why you were banned. The reason : disrespect to staff and players, causing trouble and abusing power.
  6. Redfire1205

    Community Giveaway!

    What about steam money?
  7. Redfire1205

    Diagnosed with Stage 5 Terminal Gay

    I need help with a name, as I am 100% legit pregnant.
  8. Today Dr. SpicySalsa informed that I have been diagnosed with Terminal Gay Stage 5.
  9. Redfire1205

    Call for Action on Forum inactivity

    Interesting to see a post about this. But what is your idea on doing something about this inactivity?
  10. Redfire1205

    about me-blackfire

    He is D: <3
  11. Redfire1205

    The Fart Theory.

    I am willing, want me to record so it can be posted on my funeral or success ceremony?
  12. Redfire1205

    Whale Hunting People good thing or bad

    I finally have my account again.
  13. Redfire1205

    An irresponsible statement made by music

    Kirikame you know there is a unban appeal, so it would be nice if you put it out like this next time. Steam ID: In Game Name: Admin that banned you: Length of Ban: Why were you banned?: Why should we consider unbanning?: Which Server?: Map name: Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): Other than that, you shouldn't have randomly damaged two people for revenged. I have no idea what happened over there since I wasn't on, but I have seen cases when you do this. You shouldn't random damage people for any reason, you can get punished from a warning to a ban such as stated in motd.
  14. Redfire1205

    GCC CSGO 5v5 Tournament

    Glad to hear it was fun.

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