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  1. i rdm to get aree dmed

  2. Thotamus Prime activated

  3. also truffles its usually after the 2nd round that they get kicked but i waited 3 hoping they would come back
  4. sorry i replied so late but you continously point farm almost everyday i've seen you pointfarm for some time now and i consulted with other staff and higher ups you continously do it and are always going afk even after being kicked
  5. damn i was gonna join it but too late
  6. so tails yes it really was i felt bad lol
  7. kirikame if i metagamed with you go write it on a different thread but remember you have to provide evidence but i only remember you telling me but i would ignore it
  8. so the thing Is I was dmg but i've deranked a bit due to the switch of playing esea and face it but I just got a new keyboard so if I start off bad ima have to switch I'm not really used to my new keyboard yet but I'm getting there and my mm rank has gone down a lot mainly messing around with friends and getting derankers but most of the ranks don't mean anything from it like you could "be smurfing" but it depends on your play style and I'm glad to be apart of the team gonna be harder getting used to 64 tick servers lol
  9. hmm sounds like something i will keep in my phone lol thanks micah
  10. most of this has come from people abusing vip although it does suck to have to punish all because there are certain ones who abuse it (not naming any) that is one of the main reasons to why some power is being revoked from vips
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