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  1. @LeviN Pretty sure he means that the server was wiped of his record. Like his stats and time on the server
  2. I don't know why you do this but it's never right to cut yourself even if you wanted to try it. I've done it before and it's not a great feeling. Luckily I didn't get a scar from it since it wasn't that deep. But never ever do that, don't cut yourself. If you have problem, talk to us. We may be blunt but accept the truth the best you can. Let us know if we are too rude.
  3. Uhhh no. The words are censored so butt is the only way. He isn't in this community anymore
  4. I missed a party? The reason why other servers are still active is because they're using fake players. Similar to bots, but so everyone has a life. It'll be like this till the next break or if the people at least try to improve the server instead of complaining about it being dead. Try to populate.
  5. What do you see yourself in the future?
  6. Since time zone is different, I'll just post different questions and we answers each other like @Math2718 suggested. In your own words, how would you explain what the difference between friends and buddies?
  7. Uhh, that's not what I meant by question of the day but I'll answer it anyway. Trust is a bit complicated for me to explain. I don't even know how to explain it. When you don't lie or betray their honesty that you promised to protect and keep that person safe from everything (?) For me, I don't think I can place my trust on someone that I don't think they deserve to earn my trust. It takes years for you to give someone all your trust. It's like when you get married, can you do the same? With all your life and trust on that one true love? That sort of thing is very dangerous at times.
  8. I think this might be a nice way to bring the forums alive. Each day, a different question will be posted on this thread. Depending on the results of how well it goes, I guess we'll just see how from this point to watch the forums rise again. You can discuss this if you'd like. October 5, 2018 - What is the meaning of joy in your perspective?
  9. Shiro


    Micah, are you sure it's not semen?
  10. Forum has always been dead. People refuse to be on forums when there's a much easier access like discord. Even when there wasn't school, no one would come on here unless something important happens. Things changed because of certain people are no longer here.
  11. ohmygod. SHY MY BUTT.
  12. Before you place any negative comments or opinions of why I came back, please direct them to Micah or Bman. They're the human resource, it may take awhile for them to respond. But they will respond and explain. ============================================================= As most of you already know who I am, to those who don't, I'm a person with toxicity especially if it angers me in a bad way. I was told I'm bipolar but I am unsure of it myself, however, I do sometime believe I do. I am a huge weird and oddball person in ways that both equally bad or good. The opinions I give are direct and may seem rude or it is rude, it is best to ask what I meant in private, so that you don't get the wrong assumptions of what I meant. I'd appreciate if you don't spread rumors of me in any way to cause any sort of drama. I do not wish to go through that hell again over and over. As for more of who I am on the outside than on here... My name is Sally and I'm Chinese. I can be racist at times in private or publicly depending on how angry or non-serious I am. I mean... I'm pretty sure everyone has their moments of anger. Anyways, I'm a two-face person, well it's not entirely in a bad way considering this is online so I don't really show who I am online than I do in real life. In real life, I have no guts or anything that will portray me as a toxic idjit. I am a complete introvert/black-sheep/ or just plain simple shy. I'm way too nice to others to the point that I sometimes get tricked easily which will eventually hurt my feelings. I am taking a semester off from college due to vacation time. I'll be away for long period of time later in this year, to be exact... next month will be my day to be gone. I'm not going to like quit or something, its personal family vacation, so I'll be away for about 2 months. I resume school around late-January of this upcoming year if it wasn't that obvious. I'm aiming for general business, possibly accounting if I learn how to calculate. As for what my hobbies, dislikes and likes are so far, I love to knit and cross-stitch like those old grannies watching operas sitting on their couches. I like to watch TV whether its like cartoon or not. I do not like being called a weeb, considering when I'm not one. I just like to watch what I like to watch. I don't have any feelings toward a specific make-believe character that isn't even real. However, I do have feelings toward the story plot of the show/movie. I enjoy working on manga scanlations non-profitly since I am doing it for fun. To those who don't even know what that is, it's another way thinking "WEEB" but in technical form, it's actually "otaku" the correct and official word for it. I love fried chicken with watermelon and grapes, not trying to be racist but they're delicious combo. I dislike bullying, I've went through that for almost all my life. I lost friends but I made ones that I trust. Now to not explain too much about me since rumors spread so wrong about who I am... I'll just explain what my role in here is. I'm the co-manager of the DarkRP server within this community. I co-managed with Sentinel, the main manager or lead manager of the server. He handles the insides of the server, like lua particles of it. I handle the written side and possibly administrating players or new staff members. However, we are equally given the same powers. Eventually, Sentinel and another global admin will handle the rest while I'm away.
  13. That's what it does a long time ago. So I got the answer, but its best to wait for taco to answer it. It's private information or you can ask any super admins personally. Meaning not the owner, unless they're okay to answer it.
  14. Shiro


    If you're talking about forum rules, it hasn't been established yet. It will be soon.
  15. You see... Smoke gets punished for that all the time.
  16. I don't need to be nice. If you can't take insult, you're no better than those who are banned. I gave you my honest opinion, because you basically wanted something small added onto the rule when it is a common sense rule. Not everything needs to be on the motd. But to Pandora, why must you add a note under the detective rule, I'm pretty sure everyone knows if a rule is specifically for detective... Then innocent can't do those. The one for force test, the note isn't necessary.
  17. Game didn't unban you yet. Let me check with him if he's still on. EDIT Appeal resolved. The player has been unbanned~
  18. Mekka, your english is purfect
  19. Oh. No taco recently updated the leaderboard or at least that's what it says on the discord But for the exp, I don't really know yet. I think he's waiting for the developer.
  20. Ohhh, I remember you. No one had proof of your "hacks" and you were unban. They jumped the gun too quick on the ban. The appeal was delayed so long after a month of waiting. I presume after that day, you started recording everything you play, I guess.
  21. I'm sorry. I just read you saying you're uploading your proof and then you're getting money. Is the proof ready for game to review?
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