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  1. seriously tho there was legit 0 recoil vertical or just going everywhere thats how the AK47 works on the server no matter what theres always recoil and radars on here have a 30 sec gap between them either the people you killed were dumb enough not to move for a while or you were walling that's my response and i really hope you weren't hacking cuz it looked like it
  2. I've been gone for a few months and don't know what has been happening my friends have been telling a lot of peeps have been promoted and stuff and I just want a little feedback of what has been happening anyone that has been playing lately plz tell me or just head admins
  3. alright i don't abuse i was taught how to do my job by a head admin and plus i aint got no friends that rdm i mostly got staff and vip friends sooo you might see it that way that you think you see it but i just do my job and even if i would do that i would tell the owner cuz i have alot of respect to this server i even bought vip before i got trial staff
  4. alright im really sorry about what i did i was new back when i did that and i know how to do my job now so really sorry.
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