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  1. Like Flapjack said, I am also leaving Supercentral. Please read in it's entirety before commenting, as I may answer your question. I will try to respond to all questions if possible. Also, if you want to remove me from the 'Super Members', go ahead, as I have no need for access to that. TL;DR: Supercentral did not meet my expectations and needs as a Developer, and I am moving on to make my own community. Anyone is free to join, no hard feelings <3 When I first joined just under 4 months ago, it was after I had been away from Garry's Mod for around 6 or 7 months, and I was looking for a new community to join and possibly staff for. I opened up the server browser, and the first TTT server I saw on the list was Supercentral. It sounded cool, and I was looking for a Vanilla server because too many servers are just riddled with addons and downloads that I didn't want to flood my PC with bloatware. I joined, and the first thing I noticed was there was no staff on. I figured I would stay on, as nobody's karma was below 900, so it seemed pretty safe. After a while, I began talking to some people and they seemed very nice. The next day, I decided I wanted to join the community, so I found the website and registered and made my first post to introduce myself. I was under the name 'makingmoves' at the time, and I didn't really know anyone so I wanted to meet more people. I joined the Teamspeak, but generally stayed to empty channels as I'm not an extremely outspoken person, especially to people I don't know very well/at all. I remember the first time I actually started talking to some people it was Reimu, Logan, Kayoss, and a couple other people (sorry, don't really remember) and we were playing Cards Against Humanity, and it was a really fun night. Fast forward a couple weeks, and I was talking to Billy about the applications page not being open as it was advertised to be, which he said he had no control over (which I found out later wasn't exactly true, he just didn't have control over the application app, all that was needed was to enable users to make a new topic in that section, simple mistake) so I couldn't quite apply yet. A couple days later I sent him some code of an addon I made, and he asked to talk to me on Teamspeak. That night, he told me that they have been needing someone to help with coding and things like that, as none of the owners were "fluent" in Lua, but other languages like JS. I told him I would be happy to help, and it was something I loved to do. A few days later, I was talking to Carlos and it seemed, from what I saw, the owners were nice and seemed fairly involved in the affairs. It wasn't until a month or two later that I realized that -- don't get me wrong, they had a good reason to -- the owners were not very active. I thought I had worked to the point where they could trust me with access and things like that, but that didn't seem to be the case. I get that they have busy lives and families of their own, don't get me wrong I understand how busy life can be and I understand, but the thing is, I thought that, because of this, they would let me try to handle the day-to-day things, fixing and re-working addons, and things like that. I'm not trying to sound greedy or selfish, which I now understand I may be, but I couldn't fulfill my entire duties as a Developer with what access I had. Since around this time last year I started up a Youtube Channel. It was a small channel, most of my subscribers were from friends from other servers I was staff on, and I had a very inconsistent upload schedule. Since recently, I haven't made many videos due to hardware constraints, (I don't have the best PC) and things like work and school. However, I've always wanted to start up my own community based off of that channel, because as the channel grows, the server would likely increase with that, and vice versa. I've also always loved owning a server, I've owned 2 in the past, once in July of 2015, and around that same time this year. Neither had much success, and I was too young to have a job at the time, so there was no way to support it. Anyways, now that I do have a job and a means to support, along with a co-owner who is also willing to help pay, I feel like we can make this community grow. I would also like to address something else. I made an announcement on my steam group, but I'm not sure if everyone has seen it. I was told by some people that it was thought that I was 'attacking' Supercentral or trying to steal it's players/staff. In no way is that was I am or was trying to do. Truthfully, most of the people in my Steam group are from here, but not all. The announcement that I was making my own server was PRIMARILY towards those who were not, but for those who were, I understand your thinking. In no way am I forcing or even asking for you to join my server/community, but simply inviting you, if you wish to do so. If you want to talk to me at all, you can join my discord or Teamspeak and talk to me there. I will be on fairly often, but I do work most weekends and I have school until around 3 PM EST. Note: If you see me on but I am set to 'away', I am not there. I will never set myself to away unless I am legitimately away. Anyways, if you want to join my community, even as a normal user, you can find my website. The steam group and discord is where I will send out most of my announcements for anything, as well as Twitter. It's been a fun ~4 months, but I've decided to move on. Like I said, you can contact me on my Steam group, Discord, or Teamspeak, all of which the links will be down below. If you do decide to join, simply let me know. I have no hard feelings towards anyone here, and I hope you feel the same towards me. Les amo.
  2. I looked through the server logs and I did indeed see that she banned you for disrespect, however it seems most of the talk was done over microphone as there are little chat logs of any of you nor Lyn talking in chat. It seems this is a case of 'he said, she said', and we can really only trust people who were there at the time. From my experience, I doubt Lyn would ban four people for disrespect if she didn't really think it was disrespect. Not to say I'm going to take her side no matter what because she's staff, I try to remain objective in these kind of things, but it's just the fact that I honestly don't believe she'd do that. If you have proof or any other witnesses (preferably not your friends, due to bias and things like that), please let us know.
  3. What about FlapDick McSctrotumlauncher?
  4. How about Flapdick Grundlefondler? Sent using Tapatalk. Lead Developer of SuperCentral.
  5. I will give you a dank arse name But it comes with a cost About $255 should do.
  6. Apparently it wanted to switch to HTML not BBcode... so yeah.
  7. Current Status: Open October 13, 2016 : 5:24 PM EDT - 7:30 PM EDT The new CS:S TTT server will be down for a couple hours as I perform maintenance and general fixes on the server. Due to high request, Customizable Weaponry 2.0 will be added in the future. This will need to be configured and altered as to fit into the needs of the server. This maintenance should only take a few hours.
  8. Just btw, dunno if it's because you don't use it any more or not.
  9. About to start editing a video... I have a lot of footage to cover!

  10. Easy for $500-600, you could probably get away with $400-500, though, too.
  11. It is. We all cry for Kyle. To be fair, I used that until up to a little over a year ago.
  12. That's sad to hear that it wasn't worked on much, which is actually kind of surprising. I know I'd love to maintain everything
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