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  1. You got perma banned before and your rank stripped after massively command abusing, later you goth your rank back and unbanned. I never said anything about metagaming, dont assume.
  2. Thank you for everyone's opinions, I see how the jester is most likely a bad idea. And the concussion was just to encourage the detectives to actually settle disputes instead of allowing people to kill each other if 2 innocent lives can be saved over a misunderstanding that's great., if the person continues shooting after un-frozen they must be the T.
  3. well this is the wrong place to appeal a ban, the right place is [here], and the format used is [here]
  4. If i recall correctly this is your second ban, first was a perma, that was removed.
  5. Please lock this thread.
  6. why are you even going on about this still its a dead thread, he was unbanned.
  7. welp you guys are better than me, I am stuck in silver, top frag every game but cant get out. I was GN3 before then they apparently updated it or something now im stuck down
  8. I asked what elo is the match... but sure.
  9. Pump shotty is useless so either buff it or Nerf the other or remove one.A quick Google search will explain jester role better than I can. The confetti appears through the ground above ground so you can see where people are without radar and in the traitor world you wouldn't see confetti shooting thru the ground, also people have complained to me and some staff 'bout the confetti lagging the server. Sent from my QTAIR7 using Tapatalk
  10. I'm talking what rank are you guys... Sent from my QTAIR7 using Tapatalk
  11. The jesters role would be to win with the traitors by trying to get the innos to kill them, this will conflict wit the tbaiting rule, but it will stop the innos from rdming as much. The portable tester would cost 3 credits, requiring a t to have died earlier. You could also unlock it after a certain time into the round. The crossbow im talking about is the hl2 crossbow 1 shot like 1-2 bolts, and maybe you could script it so if you miss you could DNA the bolt. Not sure if its still an entity at that point. The stun grenade is for resolving fights without death ask who shot first and why while stunned.
  12. This is my notification feed... Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:17 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:15 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:12 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:12 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:11 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:10 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:08 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:08 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:08 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:07 AM Hadyan replied to unbanned Today, 08:26 AM
  13. I understand that, BUT you are telling me that you no scoped from that far away .5 seconds after switching weapons. [and hit a headshot] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Damn I wish I could combine messages, please stop spamming if you have something to add hit "Edit". [staff] The proof IMO is at 45-55 seconds in the second video.
  14. - Remove default shotgun, leave pump + Portable tester 1 time use [ranged] + Crossbow t weapon - Remove / edit death faker to be more useful + Jester role to prevent rdm [jester does no damage, and wins if killed by innos] [can win with t's] + concussion grenade freezes players [detective] + RTV - Remove Confetti VIP perk [used to meta-game] + allow detectives to damage their own hp stations If I think of anymore I will put them below Keep in mind these are suggestions, i'd like some opinions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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