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  1. if ur sexi like this status update

  2. You're still on about this? I've kept your name out of my mouth and you go spreading drama around SC again? Shame. I expected some decency from someone who declares themselves an adult. Please keep me out of your childish nonsense as I've already made it clear to everyone that I've moved on. You, my friend, are the one starting this up again.
  3. Setting meeting times for staff members is an important aspect for any organization. We still have staff meetings just not set times for our staff members to be active. It impedes on their lives too much more than we would like it. Fact of the matter is I don't plan on implementing any sort of quota or time slots for our staff. I never intend to do so in the future as it implies there isn't a choice of when to come on. I don't want to eliminate free will and make this seem like a labor-based job, when it isn't. It isn't a job. It's a volunteer opportunity (in fact I acknowledge the value of it as a volunteer opportunity rather than a profession by applying it into resumes, etc.). There are going to be periods of drought on the server for various reasons and some of them we don't have control over. I firmly believe there is more that can be done to improve player and staff playtime but I also think we shouldn't be forcing people to come on. It just isn't our style. I've been away from the server focusing on university, but I have had some thoughts shared with Taco already about things we can do to boost community as a whole. Remember this community isn't solely about GMod TTT. We do have other things in place and shouldn't base our entire success on a singular server.
  4. The problem with set times and dates is it makes the community seem too much like a business, with shifts for staff instead of the role as a voluntary position. With this being said, a main reason for the decline is a general number of staff and regulars ALIKE being occupied with life events. This is something we can't help and something we encourage each of our staff to take care of. This is a community where we take care of one another = we tell our staff to handle their own lives before committing to coming on the server. Taco has been working extensively on server-based stuff so you can talk to him directly about it. I know several staff who have brought this up already and we are coming up with solutions to combat this. TL;DR We're handling it, but staff and user mental health and personal lives come first.
  5. #impeachMicah2k18

  6. Yo, if this is serious, I have hotlines pinned in general discussion that I highly highly suggest you use. That way you can talk to someone about it. As Yami said too, I can help find resources near your area if you so well desire.
  8. tag urself im the 14th reason why 

    1. ~Reimu~


      im number 15

      Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.

  9. Always open to adding more hotlines. Feel free to find one and I'll gladly add it to the list.
  10. Not to mention, there was already a topic in the suggestions sections of our forums discussing the use of disguisers and what to improve/discard with them. We are already in the process of making updates to the T weapons and whatnot, so to say we do not care about suggestions is clearly false.
  11. To generalize all staff as people who do not listen to suggestions is uncalled for, as most of our staff do care a great deal about re-evaluating rules and what to do under certain circumstances. With that being said, it would be better if when citing your evidence you could provide which staff members were online to vouch for or contest your request. That way we know exactly how to handle the report. If you cannot do that, then it is nearly impossible to handle a situation based off of general hearsay. A KOS on location isn't something we can trace so easily or handle with your so desired reasonable punishment/reprimanding. If you are assuming that our staff are lazy in terms of how they handled this PARTICULAR situation, I again, highly suggest that you reconsider how you view our staff as this instance isn't something so easily investigated. I will say that the disguiser situation needs to be looked into- and is ALREADY being looked into by our server management group, as well as those who rewrite rules and such. We are already doing work behind the scenes to make things more precise and/or accurate. With a disguiser, you kind of HAVE to KOS off of skin because of the limited information provided as to who the KOS is being placed on. Again, it's a sticky situation, HOWEVER, our MOTD does have a section detailing the use of common sense in handling situations like this. Use common sense- with a disguiser, what else is the guy going to have against you other than where you were or what you looked like? At the end of the day, you chose to use a disguiser and ended up in this situation, and he used common sense to deduce who the T was. It's not that the staff don't care, it's that there are issues with the way you presented this contesting of rules and description of situation that cannot and will not lead to any action being taken. Hope you reconsider your view of our staff. -Micah/Hawaii
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