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  1. 100% willing to help ya in anyway I can Monolith, just let me know what I can do bud.
  2. We're not going to "fix" that staff cannot slay people that are of a higher rank, as our intention has never been to "fix" that in the first place. That is not a bug, that is on purpose.
  3. "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively." - Bob Marley

  4. Yes, I haven't done one because by the time I made a forums account I was already pretty well known in the community, so I didn't really see a reason why.
  5. I'm sure most of the people on the server know who I am, but I haven't done one of these yet, even though I thought I did. Anyway; What's your name? Tyler, but everyone calls me Pandora. What's your age? 14. Where do you live? F**k if I know, it starts with an "O" I think. Do you know anyone in Supercentral? Uhh, no. What games do you play? Here's my games list on steam (hmu if you play tf2): My Games List (Steam) What are your hobbies? I'm pretty invested into the trading scene in tf2, and want to get into the comp side as well. I'm pretty into working out and I do it almost everyday. I'm also a Headadmin. What's your favorite music? Reggae/Soul and my favorite artist is Bob Marley, as you can see by my profile pic. That's pretty much it at least for the stuff that I want/can get into, so if you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them. Oh yeah and here's a pic of me: Viewer Discretion is Advised
  6. Agreed, wouldn't have thought it would go so off topic.
  7. Which staff told you this? I never confirmed to any staff that they should ignore that or any other rule to the best of my knowledge. What it says in the rule list/motd is what should be enforced and followed. If possible tell me which staff told you this, so I can tell them they're stupid lol.
  8. First of all, this post was supposed to be a suggestion area for people who wanted to voice their opinions on rules, not a place to criticize people on their opinions based on your own. You're a representative of this community, so you shouldn't be insulting people for simple suggestions or their thoughts in the first place. What kind of a ridiculous statement is "If you can't take an insult, you're no better than those who are banned"? You of all people shouldn't be saying something like this, if you have had to take breaks from the community over something as simple as a sarcastic joke. If you're going to bring up unnecessary noting on rules, then why did you bring up multiple times a simple spelling error? You're posts in this topic were completely unprovoked, unnecessary, abhorrent, and childish, and you have the audacity to say that Comrade Nick is no better than those who are banned if he doesn't take needless insults from you? By the way, I added that clarification at the end of the detective rule for force testing because there have been a lot of innocents that try to force test people if they're proven, or if they have suspicion on them, so I clarified that so it didn't happen again or cause anymore confusion.
  9. We're in the process of reforming the rules, and so far we've addressed a good amount, but there's still a lot that can be done. This is where you come in! Put your rule suggestions down in the comments of this topic, and if we find that it is a good suggestion we will consider adding it to the official rule list. Your suggestions could be for current rules, or you could suggest new rules, up to you! This topic will be open to all users, and there will be a staff meeting to discuss some of the best suggestions from this topic and to possibly add them to the rule list. If you have any questions, contact me through Steam, Discord, or Teamspeak.
  10. Pandora


    Glad to have you back in the community buddy
  11. I'll try to speak with Music and Duckky and get their perspective, since you had Baguette and Hashi on when you had the slay I would ask them to back you up on it and say that you did in fact get slain so you have witnesses. As for the KOS on the body, I feel that if you gave him a warning, or at the very least did in fact give him a few seconds to ID it, then you shouldn't have been slain. However, I wasn't on at the time so I'll have to go off what I hear from the other two in relation to what you have said.
  12. Other people have already said this and have told you why you were slain, but I feel since I was the one who you're reporting I should give my perspective. I was on TeamSpeak with Red, Bag, and Music at one point when Red asked me for help on the server as you were spamming admin chat, arguing with staff and especially Music, and you were calling False KOSes on yourself as a detective which led I believe Lance to kill you. I came on the server expecting you to have already calmed down considering how long before the incident had happened, but I joined to you still arguing with Music and being upset in admin chat. I warned you, and I stayed on the server to see if you would do anything further. To be fair, I don't believe you spammed admin chat or argued after I had warned you, but I do know you called another if not two more False KOSes on yourself, and another unrelated incident which I believe led to you getting a slay. At this point I assume you were about to get off, and you didn't want to wait around and take the slay. So you decided at this point to mic spam, and right before you disconnected you shoved your mic down your esophagus and tried to imitate a Walrus mating call for a solid 10 seconds, and then before I could gag you, you left. I could have given you a ban for all of the stuff the staff told me about, but I decided to just give you slays because I felt like a ban was unnecessary. I've witnessed a lot of other incidents involving you in the past including all of the aforementioned and more, I've heard a lot of other incidents from other staff and even regulars about you, and I've also seen how many times you come to the forums/discord/wherever to complain about your punishment after you have been given plenty of warnings and opportunities to learn the rules. Let me also quickly address the bullying problem; if anyone on the server knows anything about getting bullied/harassed for their voice it would be me when I was younger and first joined, as I was way too immature on the server and I got what I deserved most of the time. But here's the thing that separates you and me; I took that "harassment," moreover criticism if anything, and I used it to become a better person and also I used it to get a thicker skin. My advice is to take some time off like you said, try to consider what Micah, Duckky, I, or any other staff have said to you, and try to understand this situation not just from your perspective but the staff's as well.
  13. If you remind me to when we're on at the same time sure, but only for the deluxe succ
  14. https://gyazo.com/369276859d8540aaf45f3be11e2bd916 Just gonna leave this here. Also, vote for breach you sons of bitches
  15. All I can see from your post is that you know you are in the wrong, and you are only mad because you were banned even though from what I can tell you definitely deserved the ban. Unless you can provide a real reason that you shouldn't have been banned, I think it should stay.
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