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  1. So I was in the 24/7 mine craft server and was playing on the Johnadrome map (i think) and was "abusing an exploit" as Amanda had said. I was in the Traitor trap that could be actived by a lightswitch within. As i had baited people in then used the trap she called me out for abuseing it. I was fine with that one. But next i went in there and someone followed and I was NO WHERE NEAR THE TORCH it went of and i got kicked for it. Okay I reconnect and the map changes. This is some Diamond sword map Where she has all powers and can say what is kosable and not so I set down a diamond on the crafting table and she Kills me. I was like WTF. So next round i start talking about a vote for if its KOSABLE or not and she says it just is and that noting can be done about it. So I ask her to Quote it from the MOTD rules and she bans me for 2days for, exact words, -------===== [ BANNED ] =====------- ---= Reason =--- building sword is kosable heres the line dont forget it ---= Time Left =--- 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes which is what i was banned for IDk if i was banned by some takeNotes guy or Amanda but i would like some help with this situation. Thanks in advance. -Chronic Meme Syndrome "The Exploiter"
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