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  1. CuteSenora obv make the n with the squigly but idk how
  2. right now he slayed someone for accidently landing a bullet on someone else when he was killing a traitor????
  3. so shadowy russian doesnt check logs at all, and its kind of ridiculous. people come up with a lie in the report and he would instantly dismiss it. its realy frustrating cuz if they just lie, they get away with the rdm please help? FilthySenpai was there, he knows
  4. also idk what was up with joe? he just started pming me and the first time he pmed me he told me to stop repeating wat fred said, so i did, then out of nowhere messeged me again asking why im being defiant and arguing, but all night i was silent and wasnt doin much other than say kosrose
  5. and i feel they also explain my point, along with what i said above, i never even say anything to aero as well so idk why she is against me on this, and with kyle, that was the same time when cmc was rdming ppl and me and a couple others were asking why, which led to gag/mute
  6. So recently, everytime i get on the minecraft ttt server, i get abused by admins in some way or another. The first couple times i was kind of instigating, Amanda would slay me for wierd reasons like "killing someone who shot someone in the room next door is rdm, u couldnt have seen him" and i would ask about it saying, "yes i couldnt see him but he was the only person that could have done it" she would get pissed and tell me that an adminds desicion is final and that im being disrespectful and arguing. (this if one of the first time). Next time it was Cmc, i got a harpoon thrown at me, i turned and killed the guy that threw it, but before i could id the body (i was walking over) he killed me. i reported for rdm because i was previously proven and had obvious proof that he was a traitor, but cmc like amanda told me to stop arguing and disrespecting (also a few ppl were backing me up saying that this is bs and it is rdm) Then again with amanda, i killed a tbaiter, and got slain and when i proved that killing tbaitors isnt against the rules she gagged/muted me and told me to stop disrespect. these are just the most memorable times, but this happens frequently on smaller scales, yesterday moonith pmed me and when i replied to it, told me to stop arguing today joe pmed me to stop saying something (which was just making fun of wat someone else said) so i stopped then he pmed me like 5 rounds later asking why i keep being defiant and fighting people Also today i got banned after being completly silent for 7 rounds and its most likely because taco wanted to know why all the staff were against me if u need more proof or witnesses i have several gmod friends that were there when it happened. (please dont pester them about it tho) Majikk, Matruler, Raulen, Souperman, zombiemassacre some of them know more then others cuz they were there for differant "occurences" please help with this
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