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  1. holy cow I would like to clear up the fact that after hexor rdm'd people I mis-licked and then accidentally started a war
  2. Your Name: Players Name: Steam ID/IP of player: Reason(s) why they should be banned: Witnesses who will attest to this?: What Server: Evidence (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc):
  3. I can attest to this, he was in fact mass RDM'ng, but Squid you used the wrong ban format, also this isnt the only log of him rdming he did it every round
  4. Oh my bad, I wasnt aware that it was illegal, will anything bad happen because i posted it??
  5. there is now children on the server and they have asked him to stop, but to no avail
  6. Your Name: Raulen Players Name: Horny The Airhorn Steam ID/IP of player: I do not know how to get this, if someone could comment how I will Reason(s) why they should be banned: They were rdming me every round, and then continued to Spray his inappropriate spray Witnesses who will attest to this?: Onwartube, he was there but im not sure if he will attest to it What Server: Minecraft TTT Evidence (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): I attached the pictures, but if it didnt work here are the things PS: I'm not sure if its okay to attach the inappropriate picture, but I cant think of any other way to show you guys, so if it is not okay, my bad
  7. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I will make sure not to slip up, and to be respectful to staff. My apologies, thanks again. -Raulen
  8. lol, randomly reading through forum posts, and if you look in that picture I was playing while this happened xD
  9. This is a Perma-Gag appeal, i couldnt find the proper Perma-Gag format Steam ID: Raulen In Game Name: Raulen Admin that banned you: GrimGelo Length of Ban: Permanent Why were you banned?: mic-spamming Why should we consider unbanning?: When i got the gag, I was unaware I was mic-spamming, as I had everyone but the moderators muted, so when I asked who was mic-spamming, Grim just said "stop mic spamming" again, and as i was confused, i asked him who was mic spamming, and then got the gag, which i don't believe was permanent at the time, but when I got on the server months later it was permanent and no-one can hear me. Which Server?: MInecraft TTT Map name: Was a long time ago I don't remember Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): dont have any, as it was all said over voice chat, and I dont know how to get any evidence of that
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