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  1. Alright, I'll remove the ban but please next time just tell the person to hit F1 and the rules will pop up. Again my mistake I do apologize, to many cases like this have happened and I really didn't feel like dealing with that kind of stuff at the time. If you do need all the rules of the game or the server just ask one of the staff or hit F1. Sorry again - <3 skittles
  2. Slay has been done, K? K. We are done here. ~Skittz
  3. Um..You know you could have slayed me as well right? And Raygunn had just gotten on as well so yeahh. She could have slayed me and you could have, So thanks for the report dude. Come again later when you have some REAL dirt on me. Slay me next time^^ ~Skittz outt
  4. Game. Again, You will let me fix my own mistakes you had no place to do that. I do apologize for the inconvenience, your ban has been lessened not by me but another staff member. Please try not to ghost again. -Skittles.
  5. Next time Game, Let me fix my own mistake. Thanks, this case is closed.
  6. Alright, I'll unban you but if i find out you were lying you're gone again.
  7. Well, That's nice. I banned you because your mic was heard while people were still alive and you were gagged, Your words. So how were you able to still able to talk if you were gagged? I do apologize for the trouble you went through to make a report and getting the link to the forums from your friend. I'm pretty sure you were in the wrong in this buddy, I've dealt with people who have done that and didn't feel like going through it again.
  8. Bored, just sent out my application for staff. Annnddd now we wait.

  9. Just wanna be staff meng ;; - ;;

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