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  1. I'm Quiting

    As the tittle says i'm resigning from my current position of staff on SC. I'm really happy for the opportunity that was given to me by everyone and the support so far. It was really fun being able to meet so many people that share the same kind of humor as me and be able to call everyone my family. I'll try to keep in touch and hop on from time to time just to see everyone and hows it goin. Again thanks for everything, its truly been a fun time and i hope everyone won't miss me too much. (i know you will) Take Care, Sincerely Flapjack & Flip F*** The Floozy PS: I still want your Skittles Lyn
  2. Name my Gecko

    I don't even know if its a guy or a girl
  3. Name my Gecko

    All 3 of us
  4. Name my Gecko

    Well you all suck, its probably ganna be Reptar as suggested by my brother. Everything else is kinda shit. Just saying FlipFuck the Floozy will be a pseudo name
  5. Name my Gecko

    "A name that he will get bullied for in school" That third option tho XD
  6. Name my Gecko

    ikr, i would have never thought of that name
  7. Name my Gecko

    Yeah sure, just give me a moment to pull the money out my rectum for you
  8. Name my Gecko

  9. Name my Gecko

    Well apparently i entered a lottery and now i went home with a Gecko and -$255. Pretty Neat I don't know what to name it yet but hes a little shit so i thought everyone would give him a fitting name. http://imgur.com/a/9VtNJ
  10. You would After sending that a couple thousand times in TTT chat <.<
  11. Hatruler's Mom

    Couldnt stop laughing, i started crying
  12. Make Taunts Great Again

    The taunt system has been broken on prop hunt for close to 2 weeks now, the taunts themselves are no longer and just silent plus it no longer gives you points at all making it much harder to obtain points and not as fun for both sides. Thank You. Sincerely Flap & Don
  13. I Need Friends

    I prefer Coke
  14. I Need Friends

    At least someone does <3
  15. I Need Friends

    you guys are forgetting the whole point of this post <.<

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