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  1. Hello Kenya S, if you could provide the name of the staff that was on/banned you we can help you a little more in figuring this out.
  2. Hello this is Meep, I was one of the people who did go into the decision into your ban. The time you were being shot was us seeing what was going on with you. I do apologize for ruining your game of the time you were on. We did wait on the time to ban you after reviewing what we saw. Me and Reimu are looking into what actully happenned and what will happen to your ban.
  3. Hi I'm Alex.....Yeah.I am 15 years old and live in Hawaii but I move a lot. I know all the scrubs on Super Central XD. II am a big gamer and like to play games and try new ones. My Hobbies are scuba diving and play Basket Ball. I like to play on the TTT servers but have tried the prop hunt, death run and other snuff. Yeah....
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