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    помощь люди.
    ( *^ω^)_θ �カ�効�薬��♪
    The Shape of Water is a really good movie, not gonna lie.

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  1. I will be away even more.

    Update: Will be on Insulin shots soon. My 365mg/dl went down to 250mg/dl... But Normal is under 100mg/dl. I'm still going to Doctors like crazy and feeling like crap.
  2. hello

    Heya Chaannteee
  3. I will be away even more.

    Thank you all. ♥ I'll keep you all updated!~
  4. Who got engaged i forget

  5. I will be away even more.

    Not sure if many of you have heard yet, So, Hello my fellow random nerds of Super Central. I will be on a small break from the server due to some heath issues that have sprung up. If any of you have me on social media, you will notice that my health is declining at a rapid rate. I constantly feel like death can take me at any second, and that scares me. I was told just today that I have Diabetes and that my heart is becoming more and more fragile. I will still get on every once in a while, but, my doctors told me not to stress my body/head so much. I will be in and out of doctor's office for the next month. I love you all, and have an amazing rest of your day if you read this@!! ♥
  6. Michi's Introduction!

  7. *Sigh*

    Micah, you better see me before I leave. 4 YEAR FRIENDSHIP, DAWG.
  8. henlo my friends

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  9. OT=Slay

    Shy- you've been warned to not delay. You constantly prolong the rounds on purpose, and honestly you need to stop. The slay on you is valid.
  10. Shy's Intro

    Welcome to the server♥
  11. Spectator Deathmatch?

    I personally like that SDM was disabled. But, that's my opinion.
  12. PointlessAbandons intro

    Hello person.
  13. Y'all thought I was lying?

    This will forever be my favorite joke, and it will last forever. ♥♥♥
  14. KrypTheBear(Person!)

    What a nerd!
  15. Micah's Appreciation Post

    Micah is number 1 Booty kisser.

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