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  1. when im still staff on the forums but have been op for months XD

    1. Kyledozer


      Suck less....No wait....Suck more....That's what Mikel likes. Taco likes to suck tho!

    2. iViscosity
  2. So today i bought my sheep.... it's a boy, and I don't know what to name it, any suggestions?
  3. i heared jose sneeze, haven't heard from him since D:
  4. On TS just right now there was 2 stoppies we need to be careful the stoppie race is growing in numbers and they will take over the world if we dont be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Name: Colton Matthew Carrere(thats what cmc stands for) Age: 17 Location: California People I know: Stoppie, Kyle, Miny, Moonith, Chris(the only one Trinity trusts), Trinity, Taco, Grim, Amanda, Lady, and some more scrubs i cant think of at the moment Games I play: Garry's Mod Hobbies: Playing video games and spending time with my girlfriend <3 Servers I play on: Minecraft TTT, Vanilla TTT, PropHunt, Deathrun, Dark RP, Murder About me: Im a senior in high school, soon to be going to college to be a police officer, i like to hunt and play video games and im the main scrub.
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