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  1. welcome spicy.... god why are all these nerds making intros now
  2. Preach it sister. Panda got it exactly right on. Many things are considered metagaming but we don't enforce them all as bad.
  3. Hello.. I don't recognize your name. What did you go by before?
  4. Hi Tails, welcome to the forums... err sorta
  5. I couldn't find your logs in the old damage logs. I trust spicy salsa to not give a false ban. I've talked with other staff members and apparently you do have a bad rep for RDMing. I'm sorry if you were wrongly banned, but at this point you will just have to wait it out.
  6. Welcome to the server Bo..... probably over a year ago...
  7. Hello melody welcome to supercentral. Love you
  8. Pray for me. Let it snow tomorrow. I don't want to go to school.

  9. It doesn't matter who's saying what, the rule is implemented on everyone equally. We don't care where you come from or what ethnicity you are.. if you say anything even close to derogatory, you will be muted/gagged and eventually kicked/banned. The admin who asked you to "ask him" most likely did not mean for you to say it out loud in voice chat. The question you asked doesn't really sound like a serious question either. It sounds like you were stirring the pot. Either way you did deserve this ban, whether you knew what you were doing or not.
  10. You're right that you shouldn't have been banned a second time for 2 RDMs and 1 attempted (whether that is actually what happened I don't know) It should have been a kick at the most. You are correct in that generally if you have a good record after being banned, it will generally go back to being a clean slate. We don't have any system for this type of thing. Bottom line, if you are known for being a rule breaker (RDMer, Mic spammer, toxic, etc.) AND it is also known you were banned recently for a similar reason, then THAT is how the whole "second offense" thing takes place. My question to you is who banned you, when did the ban take place (day and closest guess to some sort of time) and what map was it on? That way we can look into the whole situation and question the staff who placed the punishment. If you don't know the map name try to describe it the best you can.
  11. Prop killing and prop damaging are both KOSable and also against the rules. You should not be holding a prop, especially for very long, unless you want to die. The thing is, you shouldn't of been holding a prop for that length of time because it just pisses people off. Move props if they get in your way, sure but don't hold them out just to mess with people. Prop damaging is against the rules, so prop pushing is probably not something you should be doing either. As for music and baguette, it was probably just some heat going on and I'm sure both sides were in the wrong. When you get into it with a staff member, especially one that is operator or below, contact an admin or head admin and just stop arguing. Listen to staff members and things will go a lot smoother. I know that's hard when you're mad or they're mad, but just stop talking and take a deep breath so you don't further the situation. If a staff member tells a rule incorrectly (or you THINK it's incorrect) then PLEASE listen to them for the time being and then contact an admin or head admin about the situation. DO NOT ARGUE. Also staff members should be handling these situations better. If a regular/vip/fellow staff member has different opinions or ideas about the rules than you, please don't argue. Listen to those with more authority than you and ask someone higher on the staff ladder about it later. Staff need to listen to fellow staff who have more experience. Regulars/vips should listen to staff. It's a simple system. If you have a problem, find someone like me, stoppie, joe, gamegalaxy etc.
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