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  1. This place needs more life. 

  2. Greetings good sir! Welcome to the wonderful world of Supercentral.
  3. Just please remember to be on your best behavior sir.
  4. Just essentially do a giant forum-based Yogsquest
  5. Definitely PhilCrates, Stoppie, Trinity, Joe, Waggly, Cmc, Skittles, and AmandaDerp. These guys are the best staff that we have right now
  6. Let's not forget that this is a thing in the server: "If you are changing your name don't forget to leave the server first and then change your name."
  7. The forums always die out on people posting. I'm on the forums looking through it every day. In the past few years it always circulates back and forth on actual posting activity
  8. Let's just pretend he is a very generic asian girl
  9. Yah I know. I normally would wait the full two rounds or more unless it is certain people that do it all the time. If it's people I don't recognize then I usually give them about three rounds depending on whether or not they answer
  10. I think the main issue here is that this has happened multiple times Oreos. I have warned you and kicked you many times for being AFK. It doesn't really matter if you close your computer and hope for it to close out the game. You should make it a point to leave the server before leaving your computer or else it will be considered Point Farming and that is not allowed. Most people don't really kick or even pay attention to people going AFK most of the time. I make it a point to keep an eye out for it. I normally message the person and then kick if no response. Either way more than one or two rounds in spectator will get you kicked. If you aren't playing then you aren't allowed to stay. This goes for simply eating food and sitting in Spec mode. Just leave the server and do your thing then come back and have fun. Just a few things to help you out next time.
  11. This is a simple mistake in the end. Things like this shouldn't happen but sometimes they do. It's extremely hard to be able to jump into the server and see reports that aren't done and do them the right way. Simply put if reports aren't given enough context as to what happened in the report/response then a staff member can't generally be held responsible. However in this case it could have been handled differently by having Zombies do the reports. If you(Nick) don't put the exact reason as to why you killed said person then how do you expect staff to handle it properly..Especially if they weren't paying attention. However I wasn't there so I have no clue as to what was actually said in the reports so don't quote me on anything. Basically I would suggest that in the future you provide as much context as you can in your reports/responses. It would help out in the long run as far as making sure things are getting handled the way they should. You can't expect every report to be given an in depth study either. We have no valid reason to watch the death scene for every report unless something in the report specifically validates that effort. So just please try to make sure that you cut some people some slack when they handle your reports. You never know what they were doing or if they were really paying attention. It's hard to stay objective in many reports at times. This reply isn't aimed to support either side of this as I wasn't there to see what actually happened. So I'm just offering some context into both views. Communication is key for making the server work and keeping things working great like it should. Lots of Love!
  12. College(this is an old thread but hey maybe it can become a thing again!)
  13. I'm not sure if this is a lie or the truth. I mean I'd like to F*** Frog
  14. I completely agree. Dolph is a terrible human being. I'm gonna RDM him in every round of the game tonight!
  15. If I remember correctly they are trying to say MinecraftCity
  16. Honestly this isn't a reason for a demotion. Nor is this the place you would go to request someone be demoted. If you want someone to be demoted then take that directly to the Admins/Head Admins. Those are internal issues. Aside from this you don't present a really good reason to have someone demoted in the first place. If someone is being slain for RDM and they don't agree with it then it's just a simple issue of placing that complaint on the forums. Please do yourself and everyone the favor of not titling it with the request of a demotion. Back to the point at hand I do not think that Zombies was wrong in the event of taking his own report seeing as the other trial staff was about to get off. I also don't have an opinion on the slay itself. I could vote either way as I don't know the specific details from the logs. Although I would like to say that when a staff deals with multiple reports a day(Not being staff you can't really see how many reports we actually get per map), they can get lost in the motions of it. Especially if it is on your T round and you don't find that the person has a reasonable excuse for the RDM/kill. So in the end I would like for you to just simply understand that either way accidents do happen and to please be kind enough to just enquire as to the reasoning behind slays and if need be take it to the higher ups. Lots of Love!
  17. I wish I could be this lazy but still get the job done
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