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  1. This place needs more life. 

  2. Greetings good sir! Welcome to the wonderful world of Supercentral.
  3. Just please remember to be on your best behavior sir.
  4. Just essentially do a giant forum-based Yogsquest
  5. Definitely PhilCrates, Stoppie, Trinity, Joe, Waggly, Cmc, Skittles, and AmandaDerp. These guys are the best staff that we have right now
  6. Let's not forget that this is a thing in the server: "If you are changing your name don't forget to leave the server first and then change your name."
  7. The forums always die out on people posting. I'm on the forums looking through it every day. In the past few years it always circulates back and forth on actual posting activity
  8. Let's just pretend he is a very generic asian girl
  9. Yah I know. I normally would wait the full two rounds or more unless it is certain people that do it all the time. If it's people I don't recognize then I usually give them about three rounds depending on whether or not they answer
  10. I think the main issue here is that this has happened multiple times Oreos. I have warned you and kicked you many times for being AFK. It doesn't really matter if you close your computer and hope for it to close out the game. You should make it a point to leave the server before leaving your computer or else it will be considered Point Farming and that is not allowed. Most people don't really kick or even pay attention to people going AFK most of the time. I make it a point to keep an eye out for it. I normally message the person and then kick if no response. Either way more than one or two rounds in spectator will get you kicked. If you aren't playing then you aren't allowed to stay. This goes for simply eating food and sitting in Spec mode. Just leave the server and do your thing then come back and have fun. Just a few things to help you out next time.
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