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  1. the only thing that makes me laugh is anime because nobody seems to want to ever communicate with me.
  2. yes I am serious Micah is no friend of mine I hate him with a passion. However he is the only one here that I hate.
  3. There is this thing called school that has been happening and also people having a life. The reason I have been gone is because of college and because of Micah. If the community was dead someone who actually knows something would have said it like Yami or one of the other people who are in charge.
  4. I trust only 4 people who I know in real life. I now trust nobody online or anyone new that I meet because I have learned the less people you know the less that can stab you in the back. I used to trust most of the people I meet here and now I don't. so for me trust is a thing that I no longer give out to people. Not even people who I probably should trust.
  5. I also left because of school and because all my friends left. There is also the fact that I felt like I was personally attacked by Micah/Hawaii. Since I have left for school I have been happier because I have not been here. If there is one thing I regret about being a staff here it is caring about the community because I did a lot of helpful things for the server that nobody cares about. I think the only way I will come back is if Micah is gone and if people stop treating each other like shit and do something about people abusing their powers. And the best part is Micah the one who is putting out these things about if you feel suicidal call these numbers made me depressed and feel suicidal. If you really want to contact me do it over discord or something like that because I don't have ts right now and don't plan on downloading it on my laptop. Sent from my Phone using Tapatalk
  6. I have been thinking about getting Pavlov for a while so I may get it so we could play Sent from my Phone using Tapatalk
  7. I mean you already know me lol Sent from my Phone using Tapatalk
  8. So I don't see why you guys seem to hate me so much all of a sudden. you guys seem to think I am always serious while you can take everything else people say that you know well as a joke when you want to. I find it ridiculous that I am treated so differently seemingly because I was gone for about 1 year. From what I can see you guys don't see me a person anymore but like someone who was hacking on the server.

  9. So I have been informed that I am not wanted on ts or the gmod server anymore I am sorry to hear that is what people think about me. If anyone disagrees with this please inform me.

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    2. SpicySalsa


      got guns in my area

    3. {Pseudostaff}ThatMLGDude


      Zombies ur cool you should come back on the server. Dude as I was checking sourcebans to appeal for my ban I noticed you had a perma ban. What happened?

    4. GameGalaxy


      i'll miss you pal, you were gone too soon

  10. my point is suck it up butter cup
  11. well you are the one who is trying to fight this ban that you will not win so just wait 3 days and come back then and just don't do what you did before and then we don't have to worry about you being banned again.
  12. Actually I probably would have also muted and gagged you if I was in him shoes and I can take a lot of shit before cracking. so how about you just sit out your little ban and then come back then and we will see what happens after that
  13. we already went over this just stop.
  14. that is actually not true taco looked over the evidence and said that you should still be banned.
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