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  1. florida man found killing 12 people with a copy of disgaea for the nintendo DS
  2. buying chi's heart 5000g

    1. Chi


      ur 12 years old btw its still friday

  3. my fair maiden my heart aches for your return, please accept my love

    1. Chi


      today is friday 

  4. i dont know what's on my mind, but i know who's on my mind <3 @Micah

    1. Micah


      I'm uncomfortable but also aroused

    2. ~Reimu~
  5. pre ordered that bitch faster than you could even believe
  6. why did you post this in the annoucements area
  7. hey guys it's me the real sans

  8. or could you just go rambo style with ak and a sniper, works pretty good for me
  9. you're gonna be eating my Booty baby
  10. Well after reviewing the clips is does not seem like there is any indication of cheating, but i will contact P1NG and see if he has any evidence that disproves me.
  11. Could you post you POV footage for review, and I'm sorry you were banned again.
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