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  1. The Traitor kill technique

    or could you just go rambo style with ak and a sniper, works pretty good for me
  2. Introduction of Nibun

    3rd best trap i know
  3. Rome and Athens

    you're gonna be eating my Booty baby
  4. Banned once more...

    You were unbanned.
  5. Banned once more...

    Well after reviewing the clips is does not seem like there is any indication of cheating, but i will contact P1NG and see if he has any evidence that disproves me.
  6. Banned once more...

    Could you post you POV footage for review, and I'm sorry you were banned again.
  7. Hello!

    why is the k capital i have been pondering this for hours
  8. Time Online

    maybe it's maybeline
  9. Funny Staff Stories

    one time dolphins called me ugly in ts so i exploded him
  10. This is for Game's Sake

    if you vote yes to eating them i will ban redfire
  11. As an innocent or detective when you die do NOT use admin chat until you are confirmed dead using it as MIA is metagaming as it tells the staff you ARE dead but not confirmed, so remember this so you don't get banned guys. Also do not use team chat (as inno) it can be used as metagaming so just like unbind the key i don't know Thanks guys and try not to get banned - Game P.S Don't spam admin chat just to talk to admins like please
  12. Unban?

    What were you banned for and who banned you?
  13. Little Turtle (aka Nicolas Cruz) Un-ban request

    i can confirm for turtle, i've played with this guy and he exhibits no sign of walls or even good aim, but i could always be wrong

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