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  1. Skinny Snorlax Approves of This. Welcome Aboard. Stoppie Virus Approves of This. You are safe for now.
  2. WELP I finally make an intro after almost a year on the server. So I'll just go with the standards. and then there is the #1 bae of the world named Trinity E> because Trinity is Love, Trinity is Life. if you saw this... gg What is your name? Stoppie/Chris... If you didnt know that, shame. How old are you? 17 and 18 in August 19 HINT HINT >_> Where do you live? The Land Of Corn......aka Nebraska. Do you know anyone in Supercentral? Well, I basically know everyone since im on the server ALL THE TIME I dont want to name people because memory so bad that i need to reboot, but the person who dragged me into this server was Waggly. We go ALL the way back to 'Nam. We took several grenades for each other, he the real hommie. What games do play? Gmod and CSGO..... I know, I'm a boring person, but what is one to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What are your hobbies? Being a Virus and Playing/Breaking Games. and lets not forget throwing hands at CMC smh. We always throwin hands at each other. Have you played on any of our servers? if so which ones did you like? Ive played all the ones that ive seen, but TTT is the OG server for me, my virus led me to it. Tell us about yourself! WELL, 1. I enjoy virus as always 2. I break every game I play 3. A super nice guy.... and a super dark guy 4. This is boring just message me if you want to know about me. (Even tho you probably wont ) Perhaps a IRL picture? If you want a pic of me you might as well just ask me, like why the fudge noodles would I post a pic of me here smh. GROW A PEAR AND TALK TO ME D: I AINT NO STANGER THAT LIVES IN A STATE THAT NOBODY ELSE LIVES IN!i!i!i!i!i!i! So yeah, that is my intro, you probably didn't read all or didn't understand half of it BUT, yea. If you want to know more about me WHICH YOU DONT >_> give me a message Stoppie Virus Is Uninstalling... Goodbye for now... I'll see you again soon
  3. Hoi it is I, the virus finally making an appearance on forums. I am usually free on Thursdays and Fridays but no promises, I could possibly make other days works as well, just let me know and i can go.
  4. It's True, We were in Team Speak and then all of a sudden Stoppie Virus 1 joined and then the original one left, so now I'm the clone. O_O HAVE YOU SEEN THE OTHER STOPPIE!!!!!
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