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  1. josej1


    Ohhh shittt sup new person. Never have i seen you.
  2. It's true i have been attacked by a wild Mark nearly died, but i managed to kill him. It was pretty hostile, it's best to keep an eye out for a wild Mark.
  3. Apparently i was a "jerk" for sure, anyways not only that what witherrrer said you were being a fucking dick to me, disrespecting me and shit. You were also mic spamming with your other "friend". Also in-game after i died i heard you say "Frog this server this server is gay" i could have easily said "then go to another server" but me being nice at that time i let you off the hook, i gave so much chances but instead you being like that i got tired of your bullshit. Besides all that maybe try and think about doing things instead of just doing it first, just a suggestion. K have a nice day
  4. josej1


    Hello hello welcome my guy.
  5. I agree with Kyle we need the special rounds again. Me looking back at some of the special rounds made some fun and funny moments in the server.
  6. Does everything have to matter about you Kyle?
  7. Waggly, i obviously did this on purpose because i was the one who had aimbot remember.
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