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  1. Thats one nice perspective, in those cases, I can agree with you. That COULD fall as TBait, hoowever the most common case in the server is as follows. >Inno just killed a T that had a TWeapon, in this case an AK, literally one of the best assault rifles ingame if not the best >Inno calls D to T body and claims in chat that he is proven and has the T's wep >Another inno inmediatly calls KOS on the first inno and that first inno gets RDM'd >first inno complains by !report >report ignored due to 'rule' EDIT: And that gets even worse when the one that called the KOS is a staff member, and even worse if the KOS was done because of a chat post.
  2. So, to keep this brief, apparently, having a Traitor-bought weapon in the server, even when proven by killing the Traitor who had it. From my point of view, this isn't even a rule according to http://supercentral.co/ttt-rules/to begin with, I don't know if I'm just too blind to see it, yet RayGun (A staff member) claims otherwise, stating there is "No use for a T weapon." And I quote, "but an inno has no use for a T weapon so thats why its KOSable regardless" I've been playing here for a long time, and this is the only time I've had a problem like this here. I don't like using this kind of language, but I considerate that rule to be pure bull#$%&. I would just like to clear out if anyone thinks this is a fair rule, if it even exits, and point out if not. Thanks for reading, Bit, Previously Hasang.
  3. God, it's been a while. Anyone remember me? Moon, are you still here?

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      Moonith is a bum. Working in a chicken processing factory

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      Bit by Bit he cuts up dem chickens

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