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  1. Just pointing this out since it seems to pass over everyone's head; There is an option to personally mute players so that you don't have to hear them, if you have a problem with someone's voice, this is what you need to do. Young kids can't help the fact that they have higher pitched voices, and I personally get sick and tired of listening to people bitch about it. Just because they have high voice does not mean they shouldn't be allowed to talk, that is just ignorant. As for the gagging abuse, I've said this before, I do not believe that VIP tier should have access to those commands. There is nothing but constant complaint about them abusing this power, and I've dealt with a lot of them abusing it even when there are staff online, though that has calmed down recently. There are also no ramifications when they do abuse it.
  2. So if someone is banned for something and they decide to make a post on the forums and say they didn't do it (which btw if you read any of the ban appeals that is the general plea from everyone "I didn't do it"), they should be unbanned until proof is brought forward that they were actually in the wrong. The issue I have here is that by doing this you are basically saying that the staff we have do not know what they are doing, you are disregarding their decision for the punishment when they were the ones in the server dealing with the situation first hand. At this point I am fully done with this conversation. To Ruhcoon and Sir Laser, as with any ban appeal, one of the Head Admins will speak with the staff who did the ban and decide from there whether or not the ban will stay or be removed.
  3. Taco is a friend but when it comes to the rules he does not make them (I have actually spoken to him about this just the other night), if you have a question regarding rules you need to ask Grim or Joe, as I'm sure you were also told when you got trial that any and all questions regarding the server in general are to be addressed to them. As I stated and both you and ruhcoon seem to have misread "Actually the rules need to be updated on the !menu" I did not once say that the rules were updated. The ban length for a ghosting/metagaming offense has been 2 weeks as long as I have been with Supercentral which is quite a long time. I agree with Yami, we need to have a little get together and make sure that all of the new staff are on the same page when it comes to rules and such, as well as getting the rule page updated for the other players on the server. I do not like words being put in my mouth. I never once confirmed or denied that they ghosted as I was not in the server when this occurred. We have not heard from any of the staff that were online as to whether they had proof, until then we cannot say that there is or is not proof to the offense. What I said about the ban staying is me trusting that the staff who gave the punishment did so properly with proof of ghosting.
  4. Actually the rules need to be updated on the !menu, the ban for ghosting/metagaming is 2 weeks whether it is your first offense or not. As for this, you two are on the watchlist for possible ghosting and for meta-gaming. I am the one who originally put you two on the watchlist for that, I have warned both of you numerous times about metagaming, even going so far as to kick you for it at one point with a warning. Sir Laser, Takenotes so graciously removed this ban from you less than a week ago and now you are back again requesting another ban lift. I do not know who set the ban for these two, nor was I there, but as far as I am concerned I think the ban should stay. Its two weeks, take some time to get your crap together, re-read the rules for the server, google what meta-gaming and ghosting is, since you apparently don't listen when the staff explains it to you, come back when the ban is up & play the game properly.
  5. What I am saying is that you killed someone with absolutely no evidence that he was a traitor. If someone is T-baiting, ie shooting randomly at a wall, you have to warn them to stop T-baiting, if they continue then they can be KOSed. This is from another post but it states the rule for T-baiting. From what you said happened, he hit the wall, IF we were to treat this as if he had a gun (since you were at such low health) what you did is still RDM, because he did not try to hit you, he hit a wall. In that case you would have had to warn him to stop T-baiting, if he continued to hit the wall after that, then you would have been in the right to kill him. As for your problem with our 'at staff discretion' bit, if you feel that a staff member is targeting you out of hate, then you are more than free to bring it up in the forums and one of the head admins will check into the situation. However, from this thread alone, I can say I personally feel it wouldn't have mattered which staff was online when this occurred, you would had argued the slay no matter who gave it, because you feel you were not in the wrong. Just to clarify for you: You CAN KOS for these actions. Killing someone, and not identifying the body Hiding an unidentified body If someone walks past an un-ided body, or out of a room with the body, you cannot KOS them for it, you can call SUS on them and tell them to ID the body, but unless you saw them kill the person, not ID the body, and walk away it's not KOSable. In TTT, just like its supposed to be in real life, you are innocent until proven guilty, or should be treated as such. By your terms, if I feel suspicious about someone for any reason I have the right to kill them on the spot because they might be a traitor and it's only RDM if they end up being INNO.
  6. I agree that comments like "Sonder why are you on you're going to ruin my night." are definitely uncalled for, though I do not see that in any of the pictures you showed. From the pictures you posted I see a staff aggravated with you for trying to prove it was not RDM. There is a line in the rules, "at the current online staffs' discretion", that is put in there for a reason, we are trusted to use our best judgement based on the situation. Even without seeing the situation first hand, from your story as to why you killed him, plain and simple that is RDM. Just because you are low health doesn't give you the right to kill someone without any form of proof, and hitting a wall with a crowbar is not a traitorous act. On another note, to any of the higher ups who happen to read this, I noticed Tails in chat in the pictures Sonder linked, saying the n-word numerous times, as well as encouraging others to say it. I would like to find out if that was handled by any of the online staff at the time, considering the fact that I believe he is on the watchlist for doing that previously, and if it was not handled at the time then I feel it needs to be.
  7. You were actually, I was in both server and teamspeak for this incident and I can confirm what Kyle has said.
  8. As a matter of fact, you DID say something to me, exactly what is posted above. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Which is why I got irritated, I don't care if I'm trial, I am still staff, and yet when I tell you to stop doing something, you act as if what I have to say doesn't mean a god damn thing. You didn't "stop" the crap you were doing until Joe pmed you. Not only that but the first incident I had with you, I come into the server and you are arguing with Amanda, so I kicked you for disrespecting staff. You came back in and starting bitching about my kick, I told you the exact reason why I kicked you. I don't remember the exact words but it was something along the lines of "be a decent person, stop disrespecting and arguing with staff constantly, and follow the damn rules". So what do you do? You go to Taco and start making up a LIES about what was said to you. Of course this is all null and void because since you don't have microphone, we have permanent log of everything that was actually said in the chat on the server. Hence why we know you were lying. My problem with you is very obvious with these posts. You cry wolf constantly, you lie out of your teeth, and you can't own up to anything that you did wrong. And that list is plentiful. Also, my issue with your "witnesses", the ones I have actually seen in the server are also troublemakers. I have to deal with reports against them constantly, as well as cries of "admin abuse" whenever they are reprimanded for something.
  9. The issue I have with this is the fact that she has been on the watchlist for staff disrespect and yet continued to do it with no punishments being given. The last 3 days I have been hearing about disrespect being directed from her to the staff anytime she is reprimanded for breaking the rules. The last 2 days I have personally been a target of that disrespect. Point and case, tonight I was told only to warn her about her constant t-baiting (which I disagree with because I feel she has had far too many warnings with no other punishments), but I did, my exact words: "NekoRose consider this your warning, stop t-baiting and telling people that you are T when you are inno." I did not threaten her, I did not call her names, I simply told her to stop. Her response: "aero.... please" followed by: " he is trial and tbaiting isnt really against the rules, its kosable not bannable kickable or slayable or etc". She has no remorse for breaking the rules because she thinks she will be able to get away with it by playing the victim card. Yes after this above incident she shut up for a few rounds, but that is what she does. She gets in trouble, then plays nice for a bit until the staff that gave her warnings are gone, then it's just rinse and repeat. Waggly came in and delivered the ban shortly after Joe had left. I'm sure he will be willing to speak for himself, but his reasoning is logical. If someone is on the watchlist for something, it means that they have not only been warned for said action but have also already been kicked for it, the next time they come in and repeat that action it is supposed to result in a ban, not another 10 warnings.
  10. If there were not a button in there that teleports a sentenced to death player to the room or a trap trigger for the area immediately outside the room then making it a public area would be possible, however those are both there and I'm not sure it is feasible to change that. Alright, first off, the Sword is not a harmless prop, it is an instant kill that does not register the killer in the logs, which makes the rdm with it absolute hell for staff to deal with. There is absolutely no way to tell if the sword is enchanted other than to let the thing hit you and see if you die. The reason we have the rules we do for the Sword are simple; We have experienced all of the numerous issues that come with it being built, enchanted, used, etc and to put it bluntly, it is the only reasonable way to keep the RDM and bullcrap on that map to a minimum. Building the sword is a traitorous act, it's only purpose is to kill on a large scale and very quickly. A Detective has no reason, nor right. to build the sword, the same goes for any innocents. Proven/trusted, none of that matters because there is no use for the sword unless you are traitor. As for building the sword pre-round, I personally don't care if you end up being a detective, innocent, or traitor, it is kosable. Building it during the round, even if you don't have the intent to enchant it, is kosable. By doing these actions, you are HELPING the traitors, hence why it is and will continue to be treated the same way as say, sabotaging a tester. This is something I enforce heavily when I am online during that map because I have seen the mass rdm-fests that happen with the sword. So in conclusion, NO, the rules do not need to be changed in any way, shape, or form, regarding the Diamond Sword. Guilt by association is not something I agree with, there are too many factors with that. 1) they could be lagging/have a bad connection 2) they could just simply not be paying attention 3) if they happen to be a traitor and their t buddy is doing something traitorous, they might not have known that it was going to happen. There are plenty of other reasons why I don't like the idea of guilt by association, too many to list honestly. As it stands currently, if something were to happen like that, then yes, you could call sus on them for it, but kosing them would be wrong on so many levels. Accidental RDM/Forgiveness - RDM is treated as RDM, if you are killed and you make a report, you have option to forgive, if the victim forgives the attacker, that is their choice and we can do nothing about it. Say though, if you were to jump in front of someone who is trying to kill a T and you get RDMed, that is your own fault and the other player will not be slain for it. However, as stated in ALL of our rules, it is up to the current online staff to deal with the issues that arise. As for your list of traitor baiting, those are in the rules already, you should be nice and warn the other player if they are doing something that is considered t-baiting, though I don't believe you HAVE to. This may sound harsh, but wrong, if a player is RDMing for no reason other than to RDM, you have every right to kill them. The same goes for a Detective if they are RDMing just to RDM. This rule is already in place actually, if someone is prop surfing, you cannot kill them or call a kos. You CAN, however, shoot the prop they are using to surf, doing so is not traitorous. Taking the risk to prop surf is a player's own choice, if they prop they are using is shot down/destroyed, and they happen to die from the fall, it is not RDM. Shooting the actual player who is surfing though, will be considered RDM.
  11. So is anyone going to Twitchcon in San Fran next month? I've already got tickets but I have a code for 10% off so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll give it to ya =)
  12. Team name: Team Senna Team Tag: SnA Players: Aero* & GrimGelo
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