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  1. Your steam ID isn't a name, its a set of digits...
  2. I lack both games required to partake in the cup. So far. XD
  3. Yes, it is, So if you know anyone or, yourself, play xbox one, let us know, we can pull ya into the bunch. We are friendly, and I myself am lifeless and always have one or the other when not working.
  4. Well, still leaves Gmod and whatever other games we can get together. XD
  5. Well, for those who play Gmod, maybe a temporary VIP kinda thing, or, theres a minecraft server, right? is it survival? Thats linked too, right?
  6. So, A betting scheme would be great, I don't know many details, but... I think it would add more attention to the tournaments, other than the people participating... Chris suggested a super central currency, but I've got no idea. Anyway, I might expand upon this idea, or help with more ideas, as i go on. Also.. Can we have people playing other competition games, Like.. Anyone who does xbox, or Maybe some sort of web game competitions? A poll on things like that for it.
  7. Anyone here actively play on the xbox one? I'm curious to see what we've got floating around.
  8. And to add to it, We have vanilla and modded servers. feel free to try both!
  9. I personally like Mcmmo, and in the past, I played McMMO PvP Factions. Loved it. Doesn't make for a great friendly community though, with mpeople killing eachother.
  10. Hello. I am Moonith. Hello. This is Lady Moonith. We are Bound to eachother. (Back of Minymeep. >_>) My name is Keith. Hers is Brittany. We have 4 children. 3 4 5 6. Thats right. Talented. Shaddup. I work as a manager at my job, I don't feel the need to put what it is, but alot of you already know what it is. She does the whole "Stay at home great mommy" thing. We live in a hick town, in the hills. Surrounded by trees. I think our internet is hanging off the branch of a tree... For EVERYONE around here. We play Garrysmod, minecraft, Subnautica, ark survival evolved, xbox one *Kinda*, Counterstrike, Etc. I am (Was, no longer) currently part of the staff for the community here. My wife is not, but someday. We both like all kinds of games. Our skill levels vary depending on wich games. shes really good with those "Brain" games. Not me........ Shaddup. Lady Moonith, Chris, Itaco and I, we made ttt_scmc as a group effort for the server and community. We all intend on doing more maps. Probably going to focus on MC maps, since its the more popular one. Any questions, Feel free to ask me. Or her. We try to keep every bit of our teamspeak and chatting PG-7, Because everything thats said is heard through my television... So dont expect violent natured words from us.. Or Provacative crap either. (Miny!) Y'know what. Life changes. ​I'm with a girlfriend, we are going to have a kid together. Due in march. And I'm back. I don't work as manager anywhere anymore, I'm just a lowly factory worker making almost 4$ more an hour than I was running a place. And I'm back from the dead. So, This is my reintroduction. Life changes. A lot. I have 2 kids, I'm single, but im talking to my wife again. I have a part time job, and Its not very fulfilling. I was once an admin here, And before that, I went through the ranks, just as everyone else has. Chris, Itaco and I, we made the original TTT_SCMC Together, Lady Moonith built the hotel.. I've been here for a long time, with a few breaks and brakes. As an operator, I see some people as staff doing things I don't approve of, but I know that the community has changed a bit since I was here... A lot of people are gone, and we have a lot of new people. Maybe some day, Lady Moonith will return to play along side of me. I own an xbox one (LHR MOONITH) and a Nintendo switch that is collecting dust.. And A HTC VIVE, Looking for partners in VR If anyones interested. I think im back for quite a while. Let us see. JK Miny. We don't hate you for hitting on my wife. >_> Just dont do it again. . . . . > : )
  11. This guy is a liar, I've never met him before in my life. And I vouch for Mikel. This dudes never been banned by us. Dude is a total liar. Never trust him. Hes such a liar man... Liar. > JK. hes just a noob.
  12. So, I'm making a TTT Minecraft map, for Supercentral. If anyone has suggestions and ideas, They are appreciated, and I will attempt to add any requests that I can. I would like you to accompany the requests with screenshots of Vanilla minecraft textures/blocks and give details if possible. Please and thanks.
  13. Who: Lady Moonith Who2: Moonith Team name: Mooned. Steam IDs: TBA
  14. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Lost woods theme. >_> Minecraft Disc 11.
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