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  1. I will try to play occassionally, but my net is still crap. Tell me a server on US to get onto. Id love to actually have friends that play.
  2. So, I can't run warcraft 3, World of warcraft... BUT I can run subnautica on high graphics, Savage lands on medium graphics, Garrysmod without problems, What the duece man Warcraft 3 just isnt compatible with my system. WoW just doesnt want to load the textures properly Or some nonsense, and spends 25 mins to load character creation.. >
  3. but i am back. I blame the internet compnanies for their failures.
  4. My net is literally installed draping over tree limbs from limb to limb. Ask kyle lol
  5. Web should be up Wednesday
  6. After consideration, We will discuss edits. And then work on them as a team to fix problems.
  7. Call him 'me' your friends will think your nuts. "Hang on, Me is eating some paper"
  8. Could I get added to the "Streams" Portion??? Pleeeease
  9. If i had either game i'd play, but i still got a ways to go before i reach that point. And I'd rather do random teams, Cause.. Y'know. Not everyones pro, and u get a pro team right off the bat, then anyone else will be discouraged and more likely to not return
  10. Can you kindly give us a timeframe so we can look into it properly?
  11. I don't know who created this, but we all know jose can't talk. his hacks overwrite his mic button.
  12. Jose, you don't mess with this dude. he will straight up knock you up. then youll be like kyle, prego and alone.
  13. I've already got 4 kids. And a wife. I've got atleast 5 extra lives, right?
  14. Sir_moonith is my name, i usually broadcast any game i play on the xbox 1.
  15. sad face. Well, we have a few in production we will try to get approved.
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