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  1. Ive always enforced incends in directions of players, or that may harm players turns into a KOS. I've also always had any T weapons or even DNA scanners, in my inventory, hidden. Because If I get seen with a harpoon, I'm getting wrecked. That's all there is to it. I believe these do indeed fall under common sense. If persay, I step to the side, and instantly someone at pointblank fires a rifle at my head and misses, as I move, That was intent to kill, maim, or otherwise harm.
  2. Your repeating yourself, and I'm done repeating mine. I warned you, on several occasions. ​You disrespected multiple people. You RDM'd in revenge manner, for being disciplined.
  3. You do start problems. You never drop something, You could have been slain and still complaining 4 rounds later. And frankly, I warned you. Several times. One of them was a Permagag and a Perma mute if you didn't stop. If it was one time, I would understand, but it was constant from you. You join the server and yelled into your mic, that i wasn't doing my job. Then i truly did my job, and banned you. I warned you plenty. You RDM'd me, because I muted you. You Attempted to RDM me again afterwords, in wich case I destroyed you. I don't apprecite your behavior. Your attitude is rude, brash, vulgar, obscene.
  4. Obey the rules, respect the players, don't spam the chat. Simple rules to follow, and you refused to. In multiple ways, you avoided punishment. Alternate account - Avoiding a 30 minute ban. Gag - avoided by spamming text chat. Mute - Avoided by spamming private chat. Every time I've seen you, you've decided that your fun doesn't come from the game, but the torture of other players.
  5. I'm seriously in need of some talent from people. Any little bit helps. Examples are music, Art, story concept. Art - Pixels Art Battlers Art Menus Art Tilesets Art Character faces Music - Battles, Title musics, Sound effects Story concepts.. I am trying to make a game, any game really. And I really want it to be a SuperCentral Productions effort.
  6. I had VX ace, but seeing as thats lost with pre-steam times... XD
  7. Starting to make a simple RPG on RPG Maker MV. I would like aid from those who want to do such things. Message me and I'll fill ya in :)

  8. I have bought RPG maker MV, if anyone would like to help with making a small game, I am starting one. I take suggestions, art, music, sound effects, story, etc
  9. Does anyone use this, and actively want to make a small game? I'm contemplating buying it.
  10. Kyle. Free to play till level 20. Just do it!
  11. Come on guys, everyone should play with us!
  12. We've narrowed it down to Tichondrius, PvP server, alliance side. If anyone wants to join us, let us know!
  13. (Why is it that kyle always takes the Rated R/MA route, and hes supposedly a heavy christian religion.) ​Alien
  14. Ok, ill create a character there, I already have a server with a few chars, but i havent played since release of MOP and im so lost that idk how to play my characters anymore. If you feel the urge, my main 2 servers are "Eldre Thelas" - Horde and "Garona" Alliance.
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