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    Report staff

    Do I even know you? :/
  2. anyone ever use unreal engine? Have experience with it or tips they'd like to share?
  3. If you are attacked, you have the right to kill your attacker. They are persumed traitor, and if the staff on doesn't look through the logs, they may miss what happened. I personally kill anyone who attacks me, and I hunt them down if they run away. But if you do nothing about it, and review the round after its over, and they were rdming, report for attempt RDM.
  4. I'm looking for a decent 3d [printer or pen] anyone have any experience in this department?
  5. Added a temporary IP address for those who cant see the tracker
  6. Create your faction, invite your friends, claim dominance over those less fortunate. Let the games begin! While the server is up, we are currently undergoing plugin modifications, things may change, but in its current state playable. Minigames, rewards, and much more will become available as time goes on! Donators perks are up for debate and will be available soon! ​Incase these don't work for you, the IP is the following: s10.hosthorde.com:26236
  7. Her name is Neveah. XD
  8. Moon? I was shooting for pluto D:
  9. Inspirational speech....... ​#Themoreyouhatetheworld#
  10. I will be providing a minecraft server that has the following features once I get them all set up. Factions - PvP Raiding McMmo Multiverse - We will have worlds set up for certain things, Including Map Making for Garrys mod "24/7 Minecraft ttt" More stuff will follow depending on the resources at hand. Questions? Requests? Let me know! ​Also seeking help for some setup!
  11. I do believe it was fixed.
  12. I am looking for help learning to code, I can't afford any of the pay courses I keep finding. For my first question, wich is easier to learn? Java Script? C#? ​I will be using unity 5. Anyone who wants to help me, or teach me, I am open to the help.
  13. What can I do to help bring people to super central?

    1. GameGalaxy


      Perform a community car wash in minimal clothing it'll attract ones of people


    2. Moonith


      I do that anyway. Except I send out cheerleaders instead of myself. And they are dallas cowboy cheer leaders.

    3. fredthebeast5


      ik im super late but you could include links on any social media you have and for specific games such as mine craft you can submit your server for ratings and to get more traffic

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  14. Keeping my crap laptop, probably wont get one soon. XD
  15. my dream computer is a computer that can run ark on full specs with no dilemmas.
  16. I have a method, not entirely sure if it works. but get with me in the morning and ill see what I can do in order to get you access. requirements will be laid out.
  17. Indeed Kevin, I'd like that, And Levin, my hours vary. I work different hours at work, so its really based on my work schedual Lol
  18. So far ive only ever had 2 views that I'm aware of. Makes me sad. People should join just to sympathy view. XD Some people have fancy overlays and "Bob has followed" and "Bob has donated $" But I don't know any of that nonsense
  19. Even though I only ever had 2 viewers, I am going to attempt to start streaming again. If everything goes as planned, the stream will be I am a novice streamer, I have a lot of things going on where I live, but I will do my best to do Supercentral.co Proud. Sir_Moonith games that I will play as of right now: Xbox One Battlefield 4 (Eventually 1) Ark Survival Evolved COD:BO3 Minecraft-XB1- GTA 5 SubNautica Spelunky Terraria Starwars Battlefront The Witcher 3 Titanfall (*Eventually 2*) PC: Garrys Mod *Mostly any game types I feel like* RPG Making Ark Dungeon Siege 2
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