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      I've been made aware that people are having issues receiving emails from us. Please make sure you check your Spam/Junk folder. I have made some changes to the Mail Configuration that will hopefully resolve some of the issues. If you continue to have issues, please DM me on Discord


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  1. *Likes micah's status update*

  2. Poll For Maps That Were Removed To Come Back

    Indeed, I help where I can.
  3. Would you roleplay?

    If I did it, I'd want some sort of structure, so people would have no ability to god-mod their characters.
  4. Would you roleplay?

    I intend on starting a forum based roleplay within these forums.. I wanted to see how people would perceive it.
  5. It wouldn't be an agreement, so much as a requirement to scroll to the bottom to find the close button
  6. Virtual Reality Players

    I think it'd be cool to get good enough and have enough for a 5 man team for any competitions..
  7. Moonith Will Try Again

    First things first, When I start getting everything going note, when We made TTT_SCMC we used a port program, it made all the blocks the right size and everything like that. This program allowed us to make the maps IN the real Minecraft, and bring it to hammer, where taco finished it off. In this case, I don't believe the program is up to date enough to function the way I need it to. So I will be doing mostly everything in Hammer, and as I've only had a little bit of practice in that, It will not go quick. But I will try, none the less. The more maps unique to our server, the more people will enjoy being here, and that is a primary goal.
  8. Poll For Maps That Were Removed To Come Back

    Just saying the map your referring to, Oreos... With the white tower *Me and chris made that tower, and a few things within the map itself..* was I believe ttt_scplayergorund or something to that effect. And skycraft is the creeper from the sky, on a floating island.
  9. Virtual Reality Players

    You got pavlov? We should play sometime. OR some of the other games that we may share, and/or are free
  10. Virtual Reality Players

    Anyone? Anything? :|
  11. This is a staff discretion kind of situation, to those who are online. If a player is RDMing repetitively, the staff can determine how to address it, wether it be effective, is up to both, the staff and the player. We cannot control the players, beyond what we already have in place. I would like to see something implemented, but I dont think we have the coderknowledge required. Bob was slain by Jim for RDM. *Round start* Bob has been slain for rdm, MOTD has been opened on bobs screen, with "Must scroll to bottom and checkmark "I've re-read the motd" then click accept."
  12. See, this is where I'm confused. The answer is already implemented. When you join the server, theres a MOTD With the rules, When you hit F1, Theres more guidelines and tips. Its all already there.
  13. Funny Staff Stories

    I took a slay for rdm on that'n :|
  14. Moonith Will Try Again

    If I get enough support, I might try to start mapping again. Maybe be successful enough to create some good ones. Let me know!
  15. Virtual Reality Players

    I'm looking for people who play virtual reality (And I don't mean on your cell phone.) I play Pavlov, And quite a few other random games. Let me know, And let me know what Kinds of games you enjoy!

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