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  1. When there's 25 people on the server but you can't leave to go to sleep because you're the only staff online.

  2. It doesn't matter what time I leave the server, for some reason, I find something to do until 3:00. It seems that I can't fall asleep prior to this time.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, the ideology that staff on the server have no idea what they're doing when it comes to slaying users couldn't be more wrong. In case that sentence flew over your head like a Boeing 747 (a very obvious object that does not need to be pointed out), allow me to point it out. Staff on the server know what they're doing. They're not too new to the game and they've been around the yard a time or two. Now, I know I might not be in the position to say that, but I'm a part of this community all the same. When it comes to Filty, Krimes, Lyn, Kat, and I, we know how it works. Allow me to address the problem at hand before I brown-nose any more. It has come to my attention through various means that Sonder should in fact be on the watch list for his continuous disrespect of staff. I can't speak for Tootsie or anyone else who might have disrespected him right back, but as far as I'm concerned, he might be taking things out of context. As stated above, Sonder wrote that I "decided to belittle him" by simply asking if he knew what ROFL meant. Now, I'm not too sure about this, but if you're "belittled" as you say you are by such a simple question, and then even go so far as to not let me explain why it is I asked such a question, then how can we be too sure that what you say is correct. Since you won't let me explain why I asked you what ROFL meant, maybe you'll read it here. The only reason I asked was because you use it everywhere. How can you say you're sorry or angry when you type in ROFL. It doesn't make sense and I was intrigued as to why it kept popping up. Back to the task at hand. Even before I asked this question, I was called a "childish staff" and apparently "I had no idea what I was doing." Now, for some reason that didn't show up in the messages he sent as they were said earlier, and I don't have pictures of the event, mainly because I really didn't care about what was happening at the time. As far as I was concerned, it was an open-and-shut case. Some guy had a crowbar, hit the wall, Sonder killed him, report was made. I even viewed the death scene, as I try to do with every report, and I read the logs. Now, if you're going to assume that all I do is slay whoever is reported, you couldn't be more wrong. I will admit to not slaying some people who probably should have been slain simply because there's really no way to tell. I'm not too sure if you know this either, which you probably don't, but I also use the chat feature that comes with the RDM manager. Woah! Crazy right! I actually do my job. "Then he goes forward to tell me that the HITTING and PUSHING of the crowbars are the same sound, yet you can't PUSH a wall with the crowbar, only hit, therefore this argument is also defeated within itself." This is another thing I would like to address. See this is all wrong. This isn't what I told you and maybe if you paid just a little bit of attention, maybe you would realize that. I told you the push and the strike make the same animation. Not the same sound. I understand that one makes a sound and the other doesn't. As I said, not my first ttt game. I wasn't aware that he hit the wall at the time, but as stated above, even if he did hit the wall, still not kosable. Also you wrote that I recognized that you were in the right after the slay was given out. Haha, no. You see, Tootsie came to me to ask if I would apologize because you were throwing a hissy fit. I decided to swallow my pride and apologize, but the disrespect towards me continued and I decided against it. One last thing. I've never met you before in the game. If I have, I never cared enough to notice. Last night was the first time that the name Sonder stuck out in my mind, simply because I have never seen someone put up such a fight for one slay on a round in which he was innocent. If you were slain on you're t round ok maybe, but dude, there's a time to stop. With this in mind, how can you say that I'm "targeting you" or that I'm "against you." You called me the worst staff member, childish, and you said that I ruined the game for you and even your night. I don't understand how you can seriously even begin to report me without taking a moment to think that "Ok, maybe I was in the wrong." Even when Tootsie kicked you, I didn't want you gone. I didn't want that kick. I wasn't for it. I have never kicked someone for disrespecting me, and that's because I don't let it get to me. It doesn't alter how I look at reports when it comes down to crunch time. I believe I have discussed everything that needs to, and I have explained what happened that night.
  4. OK so maybe this might be better? Sorry about that. Oops. Anyways, uhm so yeah, about a year ago when I was on, there was this song on this server called Take Me Over by Peking Duk. Don't get me wrong, most of the music that comes up in the loading screen is great, it's just that this song became my favorite one while playing on here. If we could bring it back that'd be great. I had a better post but uh, it was in the wrong place. Still trying to figure this out m80's.
  5. Hey guys, Slade here, or for those of you who remember the old times, Salad. Yes, at one time my name on steam was Salad. This was back when my computer decided to melt. After that I went offline for a little bit. Now, I'm back to being Slade and playing TTT with this amazing community. So a little bit about myself I guess. It's the last week of my sophomore year in high school and I can't wait for summer. But then again, I wish I hadn't wasted my entire year doing nothing. I just get this sense that I need to go out and do something, but here I am, 2:10 in the morning, typing away. I'm 16 years old, which surprisingly feels exactly like being 15, only you know you actually aren't 15. My name is Ethan and I currently play drums in my band, Above the Auto, and I just finished this year as team captain of my tennis team. I'm hoping to be chess club president, but who knows. The funny thing is, I'm not really sure what to say, I mean, I play mainly TTT for Supercentral. Actually, scratch that, that's all I play. The thing asked if I knew anyone in Supercentral, and well, yeah. Who exactly is still here is the real question. I knew Crowbar, and even Icarus. If you haven't heard of those names, they were probably the few people I still talk to that aren't in here anymore. I don't think. I knew people like Purple Guy, and Delta. Names people haven't even heard of. I was a trial underneath Ray at one time, I helped Taco and Grim with server problems (can I write that? Because I did). I know Moonith and Kyle, although I'm pretty sure he changed his name because I didn't really recognize it. I'm still meeting people to this day, and the people I meet are great. Don't get me wrong, there are some bad people, but there is also those out there that I make friends with. Guys, if I left out any names, it's not because I forgot you, although a year with no contact makes it difficult to remember names, but because I can't list everyone I know. I hope the old community comes back, some of them at least, so they can see how much this has grown. I've been typing this for 12 minutes, and that's already more work I've put into this than for any essay I wrote in English this year. Oh snap, speaking of school, not to be like a brainiac kind of show off guy you know, but I'm starting college next year woo. Can't wait.
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