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      I've been made aware that people are having issues receiving emails from us. Please make sure you check your Spam/Junk folder. I have made some changes to the Mail Configuration that will hopefully resolve some of the issues. If you continue to have issues, please DM me on Discord


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      Is Taco gone now?

    3. ~Reimu~


      unfortunately no xd

      jk ily taco pls gibby succ dadi

  2. You're doing what?

    Nick its a joke bud, i will remove it if it bothers you
  3. Shout out to my fingers for all the mad typing they have been doing for the past 50 years.

  4. does this thing work???

    what were you trying to do?
  5. Very Important Question

    sorry panda, its a salad that transformed in to soup at some point of its life. The hot dog noticed it wasn't going anywhere being a salad and knew that once you go soup you can become much more then what life forced you to be. The admire this hot dog for trying to become something this life as forced it to be, with sheer will, determination, momentum, velocity, strength and a moon stone you find in Viridian city behind the gym where you have to teach one of your slaves to use cut in order to penetrate to the other side this hot dog became what I now acknowledge it to be a simple spicy, wet, moist, sweaty, humid, soup.
  6. TTT Suggestions

    I will be looking into this.
  7. GCC CSGO BHOP Event

    I joined this competition
  8. Very Important Question

    they are soups
  9. I would like to welcome our new affiliate Gaming Community Central (GCC). GCC was founded on the belief that server-based gaming communities were missing key opportunities to network and help each other out with achieving common goals. To do this, GCC is taking a three-pronged approach to increase inter-community activity: cross-community events, an aggregated news page, and inclusive but principled GCC membership opportunity. By doing so, in hopes to create a network of partnership and growth based on respect, fairness and cooperation that supports all communities involved. A warm welcome from Supercentral to our new affiliate and hope we both move forward together. If anybody is interested in wondering what else they do check out their website at https://gamingcommunitycentral.com/
  10. Please Choose one of these RP's
  11. v 0.1 As the title of this post says, changes are coming to Supercentral. I have released new roles in the community. Ranks/Roles/Position: (Objectives are subject to change if needed) Directors [Objective: Oversee all actions of the community.] Social Media Networking [Objective: Advertise and promote community events thru social media.] Human Resources [Objective: Mediates internal conflict within the community.] GFX Design Team [Objective: Create Graphics designs for the community's endeavors.] Server Administrators [Objective: Technicians who help develop and maintain the servers.] Forum Moderators [Objective: Maintain the forum in order and up to date with all the communities changes.] Discord Moderators [Objective: Maintain the Discord in order and up to date with all roles and permissions and spam.] Garry's Mod Team Global Administrators [Objective: Oversee all Garry's Mod Staff ] (Each Game mode will have its own division of staff members Rank Objectives all are the same) Admins [Objective: Responsible for leading their division and ensure all staff members help out and enforce rules.] Operators [Objective: Responsible for the day to day task and assisting members with their inquiries in their respective divisions.] Staff [Objective: Help guide trials in the right direction.] Trials [Objective: Are expected to participate with the community to demonstrate their maturity meet staff standards before becoming a full member.] For all the support this community has been receiving from its members, I will soon be giving away games exclusively for Supercentral Staff members only. (Hopefully Premium Games) The TTT Rules are currently up to date. Any Changes there will be marked. Red for removed. Green for added. Orange to modified. All staff members have been listed in the Team Page Click here
  12. Never did this had time today

    Welcome to the community, refreshments are on your right. We only carry Vegan Water. I approve of this introduction.
  13. henlo my friends

    Welcome to the community, refreshments are on your right. We only carry Vegan Water. I approve of this introduction.
  14. hello

    Welcome to the community, refreshments are on your right. We only carry Vegan Water. I approve of this introduction.
  15. I didn't know this was a thing

    Welcome to the community, refreshments are on your right. We only carry Vegan Water. I approve of this introduction.

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