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    FrogDoggo Neglects Timestamps

    Frog came to me with the information as well. As Yami mentioned, just because Taco "pardoned" you does not excuse your previous actions nor does it condone the consistent disrespect after the initial ban- including but not limited to you disrespecting Frog after being unbanned. Taco was not initially aware of the extent of the situation and it was a MISCOMMUNICATION that you were unbanned. Case in point, the unban should not have occurred in the first place. The ban will stay. Regardless of what timestamps/logs/whatever the hell you want to show, there was no excuse for your belligerent racism. We do not tolerate that at all, and under the circumstances I suggest you take a look at our MOTD where we explicitly say that racism is a bannable offense. Locking this thread, as it should be involving higher ups and not anyone else.
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    Make disguisers great again?

    How about we just disable voice all together and just use chat? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    FrogDoggo Neglects Timestamps

    FYI, it really doesn't matter what Taco did or said (plus, you shouldn't really be going to him anyway), the old facts do not get nullified when you are unbanned. Also, I wouldn't call Taco the Owner, more like he is the Co-Owner as the 4 of us are all equals. As I lazy and it is the middle of the night (only awake now to feed the baby), I'm not going to do my normal posting of the logs. If someone wants them, let me know what map was being played and I'll post the entire chat logs when I fully wake up in several hours. PS, I don't really care Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Solved dispute

    The logs dispute your claim. Your message was repeated 3 times within just over 1 minute. Who cares if he didn't see the message, it isn't written as one that requires a response. >[19:49:37] Nibun: Frog 50% of the times you win as a T is with me as your T buddy because were so good together [19:50:31] Nibun: Frog 50% of the times you win as a T is with me as your T buddy because were so good together [19:50:42] Nibun: Frog 50% of the times you win as a T is with me as your T buddy because were so good together Angry or not, your reaction after you were unmuted was uncalled for. Staff disrespect is not tolerated at all for any reason, be glad that all you got was a kick for that. As it has been said already, the Reports System is only to be used for RDM, using them for any other purpose is considered a False Report. Also, who said the punishment ladder was Mandatory? The ladder is just the typical punishment flow. If the action dictates it, the punishments can be modified at the Staffer's discretion.
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    Bo Jittins

    Rule Suggestions!

    You've been on the server plenty enough time, I know you. And to call someone's suggestion stupid in a rule suggestion forum is stupid, but to know that someone may have a different view than yours and to still call them stupid is even more stupid because they don't consider your reasoning. So don't sweat the negativity that comes purely from the ego of others. On to the main issue. I speak with logic, and it is safe to say there is no single way to achieve peace in the server when it comes to player killing in general. There will ALWAYS be an unsportsmanlike player to disagree with the rules and call them unclear or stupid. And most likely there is a flaw in the rules, but what the player is complaining about is not the flaw. Targeting, harassment, words around racism, t-baiting, calling kos, and many more offenses like these are based on the victim's instinct. The victim will retaliate normally, then the offender will call bullshit and try to get the victim slain even though the victim was provoked. These offenses are like a rubber band. Trolls and players pull the rubber band to see when it snaps. We are the rubber band. Once they've broken a rule, we must punish for it. And when someone tries justifying their trolling or provocative actions with what the rules say, they completely ignore player instinct. For example, t-baiting. Players shoot around other players for fun, and when a player feels they are being shot at, the troll gets killed and they pretend they did nothing wrong. Then they call the staff bad staff because we took action upon it. The only thing I consider in these situations is that the provoker knows the risk they're taking, and if things don't go their way and they complain about it, I let them suffer. If they target someone to the point where they're targeted back, let them suffer. If they harass until they feel harassed and maybe killed for it, let them suffer. Words like "nibber" or anything similar to the actual word I refer to gets someone punished. If they don't like it, let them suffer, they asked for it. If someone's reflex kills a t-baiter and the t-baiter doesn't like it, let them suffer. False kos? Make them pay. The whole concil incident is a prime example. He targeted someone and called false kos's on that someone. That someone retaliated by saying stop, even when it wasn't working. If it were me, kill em after 3 warnings. If they bitch about it, tell them they asked for it. If they bring up the rules, mention player instinct and how it's not a set rule. If it is a really complex situation, the key things to find are who took the risk of making the first offense. They are in the wrong by provoking a player just to report. If both players find that they are right, and no deliberate trolling is found, I wouldn't slay either person. But I have a knack for finding these jerkwads that try to bend the rules, and they don't like me for it. Personally, I feel we've let too many of these things slide, and it annoys the living hell out of me. I don't show up on the TTT server as much because all these idiots who bend rules keep showing up, and to let them become regulars really grinds my gears. All we can do against these players is come up with protocols. Each offense has so many outcomes. We need to live and learn, and take action based off what we know. The staff should be able to come up with a punishment. If someone calls them bad staff for coming up with a solution not listed on the rules, let them suffer. They've earned it.
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    Moonith Will Try Again

    If I get enough support, I might try to start mapping again. Maybe be successful enough to create some good ones. Let me know!
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    So lately I've been thinking of a few dumb things I've heard people say and I thought it would make for a good discussion for some laughs. However please don't list things that might offend other community members.
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    2018 Super Central Marathon of Doom

    Grand Opening of the Super Central Marathon of DOOM. This Idea of an event will definitely make 101% of everyone here say, "how high are you" as they scratch their heads with a look of extreme confusion. This Marathon will consist of separate events that will definitely be refused, but hey, Imma give it a shot. 1st event: THE SEIZURE PROCEDURE. an idea that will truly be shocking! Every 5 seconds, a moderator will use the "shock all command" and will probably give everyone seizures. this will either give the Traitors an Upper hand, or disrupt their traitorous acts. this even is best done in only one round to avoid any medical problems. 2nd event: wElcOme tO hElL. Everyone is on fire. Time is of the essence, as everyone will be in mass panic, will the traitors might have the upper hand, or will they join the terrorists in a pile of ash? perhaps an admin can do the bring all command to make sure everybody is in this together. Recommended to be held in 2 to 3 different rounds so everyone will be more or less ready. 3rd event: KARMA IS A **CH Everyone hates losing karma, so I expect everyone will hate it when their karma will be set to 300. Low damage would make everybody a tank, and would make it the survival of the.... Most Accurate. Recommended to be held for 1 round. More events Ideas coming soon(perhaps) NOW OPENING THE PROFESSIONAL EXPANSION!!! This expansion contains Ideas that will blow your mind!!!, well mostly your head... The ever so popular "Headshot Only Round" is well known, because, well its popular. But what if we mix it up with a few favorites? Introducing Top notch idea: ONE DEAG A head shot only Death match with Deagles, Test your skill or get shat on in this incredibly difficult challenge! Next we have something that everyone will be able to play, FAIRLY easily too! Introducing Easy but Hard: NOUSCP Well it's just a No scoping battle isn't it? well No, this stands for: No un scoping yep, scoping only. this idea is trash so was the other one but im known for being trash so lets move on. H.U.G.E. Accuracy Is a HUGE Problem, thats why in this challenge, you will be forced to use the infamous H.U.G.E. FIGHT TO THE DEATH: IMPOSSIBLE EDITION All those Ideas up there? MEDIOCRE!!! These challenges will truly test your skill, and possibly piss you off. CHALLENGE NUMBER ONE CROWBAR 'Till you drop Knife battle? Screw that, the true skill comes from these Iconic weapons of mass destruction. Blood will be spilled, Desks will be flipped, and Karma will drop dead. Pandora' s Annual Prop Killing Competion Inspired by pandora's Idea Prop killing under normal circumstances is bad, But in this challenge, you will have to be good at it. Pull out your Rods, and shake em around and smash everyone you see. Magneto Sticks, ofcourse These Ideas will make you cringe, I know but this marathon was originally made to cheer everyone up. More challenges should come from more people, as I am incapable of giving legit good ideas.
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    This topic (the one about demoting staff) is not up for public debate Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    unban appeal (Pontless Attempt)

    It should be noted that when you DO ungag the whole server (or at least the people you can target) during a round, it will show who's alive and not alive, as evident from the screenshots. Even though this may be overlooked by many, some people may see it and it will show exactly who IS and ISN'T alive from the list. This is bad, as many innocents/detectives aren't really supposed to know who's died unless they've been ID'ed or confirmed dead. You were warned for this by Spicy because it reveals information not necessarily gained in-game. The use of commands or seeing the end result of commands should never be used to dictate who's dead or alive - leave it to the "Confirmed Dead" tab to tell people who's dead. This is pretty much a textbook example of metagaming - using or spreading information not received IN-GAME - no commands, no scoreboard, whatever. This is normally a week ban, but Spicy banned you for three. I'll leave it to him to dictate the length. People are sometimes pretty chill, but doing something that breaks the rules forces us to take action. Also, I would suggest not to mess around with our staff when it comes to these issues. If you were warned and punished for doing something like this the first time, then consider next time not to do that again. Have a nice day.
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    Comrade Nick

    You're doing what?

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    Sentinels Introduction

    Hello! My name is Zach, although on steam you may see me as Sentinel or Totti. Since I'm very gay I've decided to wake up the dead introduction category? Some Information about me, I've just graduated High School a while ago and am currently two years in college at the University Of South Florida. I'm currently planning to major in International Relations with hopes to someday work in some form of diplomatic position! In case you didn't catch on yet, I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I like to brag because I live where people vacation, although I don't really find Disney all the fun as I've been there dozens of times. I recently also got back into gaming, specifically Garry's mod after something happened in my life, but I was, fortunately, able to come back! Within the game, I really like game modes such as DakRP, some TTT, and even City RP! Within Super Central, you can currently find me on the TTT server! Outside of Gaming, besides going to school, I like to participate in Marching Band and Winterguard! I also play the Baritone and Concert Euphonium!
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    Sentinels Introduction

    hi zach im dad
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    Sentinels Introduction

    florida man found killing 12 people with a copy of disgaea for the nintendo DS
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    (As this topic generally should be focusing on the title. I would suggest moving the debate.) I generally believe that a temp skin should perhaps be on while the disguiser is on. One that could be perhaps an all black default skin. I also believe that during this the mic icon should be turned completely off while the disguiser is on. Thus. the person that is using the disguiser is more identifiable in the open yet it still disguises. The fact that it is black should increase what I would call stealth kills preventing the person to kos on you but when you can be seen by them they would almost immediately know of your presence and that you are a T and you would be shot on sight. ((It would be more effective in a stealth setting 1 on 1 with a player and preventing them to kos you but would be very easily identifiable if you see the person)i.e. behind house in map with lights you would basically be invisible to them unless their flashlight is on) So a pro (mic symbol gone, all black stealth skin) and yet also a con (Easily identifiable as a T,Shot on sight) another inclusion could also rather than a dissapeared mic icon you could perhaps be unable to speak with disguiser on. what I mean is that there are two ways you can balance/buff this t weapon 1.no mic icon during disguiser w black skin that is stealth but is easily identifiable if you do see the person or 2. Gag during disguiser and no black skin (but default skin instead)
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    Nibun. Ban appeal

    Having a ban on the record does not prevent you from ever getting trail/staff. You have to work to overcome the ban and show us that you still would make a good staff member.
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    Nibun. Ban appeal

    I didn't say I was going to ban you lol I said, "Didn't you just get back from being banned for rdm'ing?" because I recall exactly at that time, you actually did just get banned for rdm'ing, I just didn't the specific details to that last one. I did not say I was going to ban you because at the time you just came back from said ban, and that was just your first RDM as well. It was just that question, pretty sure you misinterpreted me and took that question as a threat, when there was no ill intent behind that question. If you want a better description of your rdm'ing, I would rather say consistent. You consistently RDM all the time, and I have been told myself, if someone is continuously making the same problems, it's not fair I have seen someone get banned twice for rdm'ing a specific person when they've gotten on, I will not throw names out there. 20-30 minute span that shouldn't have happened in the first place, btw. I personally (I don't know and will not speak for others that saw that last time you were on) saw that exchange between us when you were last on about that T situation as an argument. These screenshots are just what I interpreted to be arguing of that last situation. http://prntscr.com/jvqylx http://prntscr.com/jvqy92 No one's targeting or sabotaging you. Your actions are your own to take, we just punish as we see fit. I would like to say Nibun, that I said I would like to see willingness to improve because I know very much that you have been wanting to get back into being a trial staff. I truly feel that anyone has potential to become staff because it is pretty easy, you just need to show us that you want to and will try to improve. I'm pretty sure quite a few of us feel the same about that. Don't take any of the bans or what ever has happened to heart. Everyone has the capacity to change and improve, don't think that your chances are completely in the dumpster. It only truly is when you get well, permanently banned. Keep ya chin up.
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    RDA used to be on the watchlist for RDM and attempted RDM and now he is a pretty good trial staff and on the way to becoming an epic staff.
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    Nibun. Ban appeal

    I don't want to go too into detail about that T room thing because it was just set as an example but regardless, I told you that because you were in the T room, it's still kosable and the kill on you was still justified even if they didn't kill each other. You still continued after though and that topic only ended because you died while I was still alive in game. + Frog talking about that incident where you were outright arguing with us in dm's and game about a punishment that was given to someone that had nothing to do with you for a lengthy period of time is yes, another example. Where you demanded to come into the channel we were in and told all of us in there, "Don't do that again." for gagging/muting you. I also recall telling you yesterday to stop rdm'ing when you first got in and rdm'ed someone while being fully aware of what you did. I only told you to stop rdm'ing immediately after, because you rdm every time you get on. Your argument being something along the lines of that because it's a new map i shouldn't punish you for past rdm's, which I wasn't. You also said (iirc) that you've never seen anyone else banned for rdm'ing when ever they get on but I have personally seen and heard about it. Still doesn't mean you should just do as you please and rdm whenever you get on. It's just quite problematic for one to come into the server regularly and cause problems and hinder game play when you get on. I just genuinely would find it nice to see at least the willingness to improve and some progress being made as well.
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    Nibun. Ban appeal

    On the part about fighting with staff every time you are on. I myself and other cab atested to this as you decide to start fight with staff for a decision that we made. “Calling us stupid for kicking someone on their t round” then dragged on about in the game till one of staff that was on took it to dms. There is also the time that you decide to spam chat and I there for muted you for this action then you stated to spam voice chat to and was gagged. Then when I umuted you and gagged you start to complain that there was no need for that and when ignored you start to false report me. You did this three times in a row. That’s all I can say for the arguing the targeting tho I have seen many examples of you targeting someone. Clara is one that I’ve seen you do most recently. You as the detive would go and kill her if she called a false kos even if the person had either shot her tried to kill someone else or had killed someone else then when you were muted by Clara because you were being a dick to her you continue to take shit about her and continued to get to her and bother her more. (This is all I have for those to things frog)
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    (Idk if Im allowed to even post here) Yeah and in fact earlier today he rdmd me again when he was Detective (I dont have the logs/evidence but Dolphwin can attest to it as he handled the report.)
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    Dude, You need to realize this. You were not pardoned, you were temporarily taken off of ban for review of your actions. Once your actions were deemed Perma-ban Worthy, such was done.
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    How about both of you be quiet. You are clearly trolls trying to get unbanned because you want to troll again. Move onto another server. I know frog, he may have mistakes but dont we all? Frog is not an abusive staff member and is the most active person on the server! Dissing the people even more just degrades you more and more.
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    First off. Just because you make an alt account or have a friend being good to you doesnt mean anything. Making alts makes you seem less trustworthy. Second off, there was a reason you got gagged/muted; get some actual evidence before reporting frog. You just cut out crucial parts. And if you want to know what dog was saying, Ok Frist and for most you disrespeted the staff when there was more than one staff on at the time i asked them wither to gag you they agreed that you need to be gaged then you said i was on a powertrip so i muted you for two rounds. Then when i ungaged you you desied to keed going about what you were gaged for before hand then when i gaged you again you desied to go back to chat and say i was abuseing. then the next map after that you desied to be an Booty again so i gaged you for calling me a bitch in vioce. = Ok first and foremost, you dissed the staff team when there was more than one staff on the server. I asked them whether to gag you or not, and they agreed that you deserved to be gagged, then you said I was on a powertrip so I decided to mute you for the next two rounds. When I ungagged you, you decided to keep going on about why were gagged, so I gagged you again. Then you went to chat and was saying I was abusing so I muted you. Then the next map you were rude again and called me a bitch over vc, so I gagged you again.
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    Well, Heartless is a staff member too, so he has as much insight a Frog does in this, and would most likely disagree with what you are saying about him, and dpii was just banned for many reasons. Sounds like your witnesses are dying off. Frog is a capable staff member and knows what the Frog he's doing, and Petrim, stop now or actions will be taken. Do not disrespect Frog on the Forums: you're asking to be mauled by the community further.
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    Frogdoggo admin abuse

    Ok Frist and for most you disrespeted the staff when there was more than one staff on at the time i asked them wither to gag you they agreed that you need to be gaged then you said i was on a powertrip so i muted you for two rounds. Then when i ungaged you you desied to keed going about what you were gaged for before hand then when i gaged you again you desied to go back to chat and say i was abuseing. then the next map after that you desied to be an Booty again so i gaged you for calling me a bitch in vioce.
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    Frogdoggo admin abuse

    Ok, no, you Rdmed a few people, and mic spammed and was disrespecting the staff, so stop this now, and maybe they won't ban you.
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    Yeah thats what I was getting at when saying it would do alot of dmg
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    These fun rounds sound amazing and I think it would be interesting EXCEPT the fire one. It would be like 10 second rounds or something because you burn FAST and you burn HOT. That would hardly be fun or challenging. Other than that it sounds great
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    2018 Super Central Marathon of Doom

    amazing idea but the fire one would do alot of dmg
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    1. When you say remove skins entirely do you mean from the server completely or just for disguised players (Which is what I think should happen) I don't think there is a need to remove all skins. I think that technically the microphone kos is metagaming the way the rules are set up. I don't necessarily agree that it should be metagaming. I do think that both are a problem and I hope admins will be able to find a way to change both.
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    Make disguisers great again?

    Better yet, just remove the mics entirely. That's also a H.U.G.E. problem in a lot of prop hunt servers, and it can be fixed
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    TTT Maps

    There is alot of old maps that in my opinion have just gotten boring, because of how long they have been in the rotation and i think we need some new ones. Not all the maps have to be taken out, just some of the maps that are not as popular as others for example i think these maps should be replaced: ttt_mc_seriouscraft (players camp in trees 24/7, makes the map much less harder to do anything and sort of annoying) ttt_minecraft_mythic - Rebuilt (map extremely dark, and usually players run around for hours before finding someone to kill) ttt_mc_mineshaft (map is somewhat boring, been in the rotation a while, and players sometimes camp the nether + cage) ttt_mini_scmc (lesser version of scmc, has been in rotation for a while now) These are just some of my personal opinions on maps that would do better of being replaced, as they would refresh some of the repetitive game play.
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    Assuming I can't pick myself, I'd say CONSOLE.
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    What are these staff doing?

    Well it seems like ThatMLGDude just wants to see you slay yourself Math2718 and from hearing from both staff and everyone else involved in this, it is safe to say that when you're both online, I'd suggest that you slay yourself in the beginning of the round for making up the time that you should of slain yourself during that time period. As for SpicySalsa, phenomenal responses and great execution on fairness. Props to you.
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    What are these staff doing?

    Yes, Math deserved a slay for the following reasons: 1. They body was Identified 2. You did not drop the body into an inaccessible spot There is no reason math should not have been given a slay. Even if the Trial Staffs are unable to slay him, he should have taken it into his own hands and realized where he went wrong and slain himself, as all members of the staff team should know when they RDM a player. This is also one of the situations where Staff members should take it into their own hands to slay themselves, as he was in the wrong for multiple reasons (which you have stated in your post above, but for evidence purposes i will restate here): 1. You were proven innocent 2. The KOS was called off the last reason you stated is a bit on the ehhh side because there is no way to tell the difference between a false KOS and real KOS. In my opinion this slay was in the right, because he did state the reason for killing the detective(RDMING) and that is valid. Instead of killing Frogdoggo, a sus could have been placed instead until he was proven. As for the last complaint, I do not have any explanation, as it is generally a complicated situation to handle. So, I can not provide any insight to that slay.
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    The Traitor kill technique

    As a traitor if you have a traitor buddy and the traitor buddy is kos in overtime then this may be one of you best bets. During my last round I came up with a mindblowing technique. To benefit myself as my traitor buddy was "omae wa moe shindeiru" (already dead) I told him that we should try something. The strategy is simple. With your t buddys permission have him/her shoot you once in a random area away from eyes. Thus call kos on him/her and kill him/her. Now you are proven and have won the peoples trust. If you succeed then there may be you (who is proven) and a person that may or may not be proven. Your best bet in the case where he is is to kill the other proven. Place it in an open area and kill the detective or remaining person. (personally id use a thriller) If not then you can simply have the detective kill the unproven and kill the detective as his attention is averted. Thanks for reading. Nibun
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    Oreos Unban Appeal

    In all honesty, I can attest as well that you've done this multiple times in the past and have been kicked for doing so. I would really suggest you make sure you exit out of Garry's Mod when you leave your computer rather than depending on if your computer decides to close out of it or not. I get that people sometimes need to AFK to do whatever they need to in their own lives, but that doesn't excuse the fact that you've been warned for this (through proper punishments) multiple times. That's all I can really say. It's a really simple problem that can be fixed with literally a click - or clicks - of a button.
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    I'm happy to announce that we are releasing 3 new CSGO servers! KZ/Climb IP: superkz.game.nfoservers.com:27015 KZ/Climb Server Information 1v1 Arenas IP: super1v1.game.nfoservers.com:27015 1v1 Arenas Server Information Pug/Scrim IP: superscrim.game.nfoservers.com:27015 Pug/Scrim Server Information We have a forum section setup for the CSGO servers as well. Any thoughts, questions, or comments you have can be posted there! Thanks everyone!
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    False slay report

    This is a simple mistake in the end. Things like this shouldn't happen but sometimes they do. It's extremely hard to be able to jump into the server and see reports that aren't done and do them the right way. Simply put if reports aren't given enough context as to what happened in the report/response then a staff member can't generally be held responsible. However in this case it could have been handled differently by having Zombies do the reports. If you(Nick) don't put the exact reason as to why you killed said person then how do you expect staff to handle it properly..Especially if they weren't paying attention. However I wasn't there so I have no clue as to what was actually said in the reports so don't quote me on anything. Basically I would suggest that in the future you provide as much context as you can in your reports/responses. It would help out in the long run as far as making sure things are getting handled the way they should. You can't expect every report to be given an in depth study either. We have no valid reason to watch the death scene for every report unless something in the report specifically validates that effort. So just please try to make sure that you cut some people some slack when they handle your reports. You never know what they were doing or if they were really paying attention. It's hard to stay objective in many reports at times. This reply isn't aimed to support either side of this as I wasn't there to see what actually happened. So I'm just offering some context into both views. Communication is key for making the server work and keeping things working great like it should. Lots of Love!
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    The Puzzle

    Dolphwin is mean

    I have something important to bring up in the forums. I am currently being bullied by Dolphwin while playing TTT. This is a serious as it gets. Dolphwin said that I'm the same as frog and that the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me! Kidding of course y'all are wonderful people and are the reason I keep playing on the server
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    Dolphwin is mean

    i'm going to get a restraining order on dolph
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    Forum Upgrades

    During this week, we will be updating the forums to the latest software version. In doing this, some things will break and others will change location. This will be a multi-step process, so things will not be happening all at once. These upgrades will be done as we have time but they will be complete this week. You might encounter a Forums Offline message a few times, this just simply means that we are actively doing something and want the forums in a unchanged state until we are done. Also, with this upgrade, a new Admin Application/Management system is in the future. Preparation for it will require a new way of linking your Forum Account with your Steam Account. Unfortunately, that script is not ready yet (hopefully will be this week as I have everything I need to complete it, just need to integrate it all together). So until this script is ready, you will not be able to link your Steam Account to your Forum Account. This will impact Admin Applications, so if you are considering applying in the near future, I'd suggest linking your accounts now. All existing links will be preserved and migrated to the new system. During this process, if you encounter issues with the forums, please reach out to me on Discord.
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    Staff Abuse by zombies3210

    Trials will have the same respect as any other staff member. If it was T-Baiting there should have been three warnings first, otherwise, the report is redundant. You decided to continue with the disrespect whether in chat or voice and he has the right to mute/gag you. Points Math pointed out above are true, I suggest you read the rules first on what to KOS and not.
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    It's been a little under a week and a half since I made that one post and I'm sure everyone knows about it so lets just get to it. I am usually bad at determining whether or not something will offend someone (Which sucks because I don't enjoy offending people it's not fun to be a jerk to people for me or for them and yet it happens anyways why cause I'm terrible at online) I wouldn't have thought that was offensive but it was so what happens when you offend someone. Well if you know you made a mistake you apologize. So that's what this is, an apology. Sorry to music just because we hate each other doesn't mean you deserved that. Also an apology to my friends because not really being a good friend doing that. Also doesn't really look good if you're friends with someone who said something like that. So that was an apology to my friends and to music, who else? Well all of the Supercentral community. Supercentral is a fairly good community and to see something like that is not good. So even if I don't play often or never join the server again this apology will still because Supercentral deserves it and I underline deserves because people don't deserve good things but Supercentral has definitely earned this apology. Hopefully I can learn to show better judgement in the future. After all no one is perfect but one can try not to do stupid stuff. See ya around yall (Yes I'm a savage I used yall what are you gonna do about it)
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    Rule Suggestions!

    Lul this topic is starting to go the wrong direction. Stick to discussing rule suggestions/changes/additions/clarifications before it gets locked. If you want to insult each other go do it over voice client or 1v1 each other in Minecraft.
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    Good for you to reflect on your actions and resolve them with yourself and the community. Mistakes will teach you to have better judgement, as well as getting others opinions.


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