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    Moonith Will Try Again

    If I get enough support, I might try to start mapping again. Maybe be successful enough to create some good ones. Let me know!
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    3 slays over 5 rounds equals ban.

    You do not have to be reported for something in order to get a ban. Staff reserve the right to ban any player for any violation of the rules laid out by the Senior Staff that they witness.
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    Funny Staff Stories

    I took a slay for rdm on that'n :|
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    mlg you are unbanned after serving 3 days. after talking with other's, 5 days is too long for killing because of a staff's mistake. everyone was in that area because two users were in jail which they should not have been from the beginning. but 3 days will go for continuous RDM / random damage of the players. if you wish to farther any report about "abuse" I'm the one who jailed the two players and the one who banned you. Love Heartless
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    Except it was not 2 RDM's and 1 random damage. Evidenced by the screenshots which you have no way of denying, you RDMed 4 times + the incen which killed and damaged multiple players, killing 2 specific players 13 times in a row. I will not be reducing or removing your ban, you are a regular and it should be common sense not to RDM.


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