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    Moonith Will Try Again

    If I get enough support, I might try to start mapping again. Maybe be successful enough to create some good ones. Let me know!
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    I like the idea of it but Micah is right about the voluntary point of it. A better idea would be to set up a date and time for maybe a special event or something and anyone that has free time would want to join. I really want Supercentral to become active again as playing on it was one of the most fun things I've done. I encourage ideas to help make people want to join again but if people are busy then let them be busy.
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    Staff Rules & Guidelines

    Introduction This post will list the Rules, Guidelines and General Expectations of ALL staff members on the Semi-Serious Dark RP Server. It is very important that you read and obey these rules for the success of the server. Any comments or concerns should be directed to the Server Managers Totti or Duckyy. Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines As staff members on the Semi-Serious Dark RP server you are the first people players will look to for help. With that being said, you should always be mindful and thoughtful of others. One thing that is completely unacceptable is disrespecting other players or staff members, this is something that should never happen at all. No matter if this person is being rude to you, your response should never be the same way. If a player is being disrespectful try to solve the problem in a peaceful manner, as being rude should never happen. Furthermore, any and all staff quarrel should never take place in the server setting, nor Private Messages. If you have have a problem with another staff member please contact: Micah (Micah#2158) Community Human Resources Team Failure to do so may result in further punishments. All arguments between staff members are unnecessary and will not be tolerated. Next, as a staff member when you are on the server you should always help the players. This doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to enjoy the server its self, you are always allowed to play the server yourself and have fun. With that being said, if you are the only staff member on it is highly recommended that you respond to any questions or reports that come in from players. Administration Issues take priority over RP time. Please never leave a player report open. Continuing, you should never have a advantage over a player. You being a staff member does not give you the right to use your powers for unnecessary. With that being said commands such as Noclip, Kick, Ban, Jail, Warn and so on should only be used for administrative purposes. There is not a "Staff On Duty" job on the server so you are allowed to use commands as any RP job, such as Citizen, Swat etc. Anything you see in a sit or while helping a player cannot be used for RP purposes, and everyone should be treated the same way whether that person is your friend or you don't like them. Any reports regarding a staff member should be reported to the highest rank available, preferably Totti or Duckyy. Sits should be done in areas of the map that other players should not have access to. This is pretty much common sense, as you do not and should not have random players interrupting your sit. You can never take your own sit, or a report involving yourself. If you are ever unsure about a rule that has been broken or unsure about anything, PLEASE ASK SOMEONE! Its better to ask someone if you don't know then to just handle it without knowing. Lastly, you should always listen to both sides of the story and check logs. Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines Recap You should not cause any conflict or argue with other players/staff members. This will result in punishment. You should only use your commands for administrative purposes, you should never use your powers to get an advantage. Will result in punishment. You should always be fair and equal with other players, always listen to players because it really helps a lot if they know you care. Report all conflicts, and or staff reports to the highest ranking staff member preferably Totti or Duckyy or Micah(HR) And Honestly, Just have fun i know this sounds really serious but you should always have fun in the process because this is just a game. Punishment System To be short in simple, any minor issues involving a staff member will result in a strike and you may only receive three strikes. Major Violations such as abusing your commands will result in immediate suspension of role and possible ban. Thank You Totti Manager Of Semi-Serious RP
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    Sentinels Introduction

    Hello! My name is Zach, although on steam you may see me as Sentinel or Totti. Since I'm very gay I've decided to wake up the dead introduction category? Some Information about me, I've just graduated High School a while ago and am currently two years in college at the University Of South Florida. I'm currently planning to major in International Relations with hopes to someday work in some form of diplomatic position! In case you didn't catch on yet, I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I like to brag because I live where people vacation, although I don't really find Disney all the fun as I've been there dozens of times. I recently also got back into gaming, specifically Garry's mod after something happened in my life, but I was, fortunately, able to come back! Within the game, I really like game modes such as DakRP, some TTT, and even City RP! Within Super Central, you can currently find me on the TTT server! Outside of Gaming, besides going to school, I like to participate in Marching Band and Winterguard! I also play the Baritone and Concert Euphonium!
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    Sentinels Introduction

    hi zach im dad
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    Sentinels Introduction

    florida man found killing 12 people with a copy of disgaea for the nintendo DS
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    The entire community has moved on. If you cannot, then we request that you do not bring the past back up. There is no reason to bring it back up with a goal of starting drama again. So either stop or you will no longer be welcome here. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    MY name is DoctorDJ I am __ Years old I live in the City of __ I know @Shiro I play to many games to name but mainly rainbow, Hearts of iron 4 Gmod and other random games I love to draw, edit videos, cook, play games, and people watch No I was shown this community by a friend after i resigned from my old position of senior admin and media team member. I am very shy but i guess i am fun when you get to know me.
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    micah im thinkj,,,, u r homophone... verty scared of homes,,.,
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    Forum's Revival Projects

    You heard me. Forum's. Revival. Projects. I want this link thrown in chat and maybe everywhere else. Maybe even put it as your name idk. But we need some forums action. I will be giving away 100 points to the first 5 people that I see throwing this in chat (I will be the first so that leaves 4 more peeps >;)) Also as you can also see it is plural. Post your own ideas of reviving the forums below. I hope to see more action soon but for now this is all I want to see in chat...
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    Who wants free points

    Taco gave me an additional 100,000 pointshop points, I assume by accident, and hasn't responded to my message about it. So until he does anybody who gives a crap about the server and forums want some points? I got a little under 80,000 left to give away and most of that is going to staff specifically. Enjoy
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    To add onto this, I work in health care and deal with many patients who suffer from many different illnesses that may cut themselves for different reasons. I hope this honestly is not a joke and that if you are, you can definitely reach out to me or use the provided hotlines that Micah has provided. Link: https://supercentral.co/forums/topic/2966-suicide-hotlines-for-staffusers/?tab=comments#comment-24423
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    Yo, if this is serious, I have hotlines pinned in general discussion that I highly highly suggest you use. That way you can talk to someone about it. As Yami said too, I can help find resources near your area if you so well desire.
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    Indeed, I help where I can.
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    If this is true, seek help now. I can help find resources if you want, just let me know what State you live in (major metro area as well, so you don't have to travel across the state). If this is false, it is not a good joke. Please do not joke about stuff like this. This is a serious problem people have and jokes about it do not help them get the help they need. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    shoutout to my belt for keeping my dick in my pants
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    Re-Introducing Myself

    Welcome back Sally!
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    Sentinels Introduction

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    White Knight

    Sentinels Introduction

    Welcome Totti!
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    Sentinels Introduction

    Hello, welcome to the forums!
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    Heartless Box

    buying Game for 1 gold

    buying Game for 1 gold
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    New update breaks my steam

    Wrong terminology, try "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
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    This was one of the easy bans i did on that day. it was quite simple, I was already suspicious of you and your friend ghosting, so i decided to kill one of you (while i was a Traitor) to see if the other would murder me. Sure enough, after killing one of you, the other came up and shot me randomly. I looked at the deathscene and sure enough you were nowhere near when i killing your friend.
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    Diagnosed with Stage 5 Terminal Gay

    name him reginald
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    Something that won't cause controversy, preferably.
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    Moonith Will Try Again

    First things first, When I start getting everything going note, when We made TTT_SCMC we used a port program, it made all the blocks the right size and everything like that. This program allowed us to make the maps IN the real Minecraft, and bring it to hammer, where taco finished it off. In this case, I don't believe the program is up to date enough to function the way I need it to. So I will be doing mostly everything in Hammer, and as I've only had a little bit of practice in that, It will not go quick. But I will try, none the less. The more maps unique to our server, the more people will enjoy being here, and that is a primary goal.
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    3 slays over 5 rounds equals ban.

    You do not have to be reported for something in order to get a ban. Staff reserve the right to ban any player for any violation of the rules laid out by the Senior Staff that they witness.
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    Funny Staff Stories

    I took a slay for rdm on that'n :|
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    mlg you are unbanned after serving 3 days. after talking with other's, 5 days is too long for killing because of a staff's mistake. everyone was in that area because two users were in jail which they should not have been from the beginning. but 3 days will go for continuous RDM / random damage of the players. if you wish to farther any report about "abuse" I'm the one who jailed the two players and the one who banned you. Love Heartless
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    Actually I probably would have also muted and gagged you if I was in him shoes and I can take a lot of shit before cracking. so how about you just sit out your little ban and then come back then and we will see what happens after that
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    climate, from my perspective it was pretty obvious that you have aimbot, you were able to constantly fallow a persons movement with your gun perfectly, and like lance was saying how you were fallowing people, and then killing people whenever they were a t. so could u please not try to lie about it. have a nice day
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    No you killed more than 2-3 people for sure. You wiped out almost the whole server singlehandedly yourself on your t round when you first joined us and only died to the last guy alive since he was lucky to position himself in a spot that allowed him to get the angle on you that would be impossible for you even using aimbot to have hit. Furthermore when you noticed a staff member was on you started allowing people to shoot you and you wouldn’t retaliate and shoot them back. Why is that? I finally caught you doing it again when you killed lance from halfway across the map when you weren’t even looking at him in the first place and somehow perfectly flicked onto him and killed him in one shot. If that is not aimbot then you must have the luck of the gods to hit something like that perfectly
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    1st YOU knew who was T the second the round started. (the proof is you followed people only that are Ts) and there was 4-5 people that confirmed that. 2nd Your sudden head movements when you click your mouse that points to a player. i personally witnessed it when i was hiding way above you and you twitched to look at me and crowbar-ed the air 3rd Red spectated you and proved/analyzed that you were indeed cheating 4th ''measly kills'' isn't why you were banned. its you knowing who the T was and hitting all your shots not even missing any on the Traitors. 5th calling people young children doesn't make you look smarter/wiser. they're literally TEENS - EARLY 20s
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    Hello I’m sorry you feel that way but on the first round you joined and got T you did not kill one or two people. You proceeded to massacre 11 people on the server. I then started watching you and after that you never displayed that level of competence again. During that round you made some impossible shots that are really hard to pull off and they would end up being headshots. You finally messed up and did it again when I saw you gun down lance with a single shot from across the map. The way you flicked perfectly to him when you weren’t even looking in his direction was very impressive. If you weren’t using hacks then you must have a third sense for where the t was when you would flick from looking directly away from him to his chest somehow. The way you flicked to him was too fast. It was blatantly obvious and I’m sorry you want to argue and pretend that you did not aimbot. When you played with me earlier on you also did not display that level of competence. Other people to note of your actions include hashi, momma weaboo, lance, and even Michiru for the first time when you came on the server and get kicked for multiple random damage hits to people each round
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    We don't "need to know what a mute button is." lmao. Racism is in no way tolerated on this server so a permagag or permamute is honestly the least intense punishment. You deserve the ban and all it entails.
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    -1 Racism, and slurs are not tolerated in this community. You clearly had no intent of playing by the rules. You also clearly are getting concil to upvote your post and you his... which is just sad, considering you guys were banned for the same thing.
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    Have you heard of the concept of a perma gag/mute? So because I said racial slurs and the fact that you just can't permanently set a gag/mute on someone I have to deal with a 4 day ban? As for the rdm I was willing to take the slay for it, and I wasn't gonna do it again. But no, you have to ban people for ridiculous reasons and your own lack of humour and the fact that can't even perma mute.
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    I don't even know who Concil is. Oh yeah, I definitely deserved a ban when ya could of just muted me in the same situation, if you didn't make the punishments for saying words that you don't like a 4 day ban then maybe you wouldn't have people like me bitching about it, because from what I can tell, you guys just really don't like people saying anything, and then banning people because "their words hurt my fee fees (" I'll take the ban, Fuc.k it, you idiots won't get rid of it because your heads are up your asss, but I'm just gonna keep doing what i've always been doing. And just so you know, you really need to learn what a mute button is.
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    Concil unban request

    I've heard the argument "you cant do that because of the history" so many times that I cannot take it seriously everytime it shows up, by making it a no no word you're just making it worse as you're giving power to a word that would be better off having no power at all.
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    Again, some words apparently warrent someone not being allowed to play, rather then allowing the player to keep playing but never having them speak. I'm not sure about this, and this might be excessive, but I'm pretty sure you hate me now just because I dare say words "with a history of the bad" and you feel as though not letting have a chance to speak is not enough.] Using your logic you deserve a ban, because what you are saying offends me and has a "history of malice to me"
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    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:93437725 In Game Name:55555555555555555555555555555555 Admin that banned you:Not sure, can't remember one of the admins but I think one of them is spicysalsa? Length of Ban:4 days Why were you banned?: Racism, RDM Why should we consider unbanning?: If not an unban then maybe a ban shorten, but I don't being banned for a single rdm and saying words that you could just mute me for is worthy of a 4 day ban I did say I killed an admin for muting, but that was heat and I'm willing to take a slay and a mute next time. Which Server?:24/7 minecraft server? Map name: ttt_mc_mineshaft Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): none
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    Concil unban request

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:80713502 In Game Name:Concil Admin that banned you:Spicy Salsa Length of Ban:3 days Why were you banned?: "Racism, arguing, you wanted a gag you got 1 higher" Why should we consider unbanning?:Well after looking over today's events, i noticed everyone got a kick before they got a ban, which is nice because a kick before a ban is a final warning. I was never given this luxury, i asked to be gagged and gave them a reason to gag so it wouldn't be a false gag. Instead i received a 3 day ban Which Server?:Supercentral.co TTT Map name:MineShaft
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    11 people? Now this is just plain exaggeration. I know for a fact I didn't kill more than 2-3 people. I then proceeded to be innocent for quite a while so not sure what you mean by "competence", why would I kill people on my innocent rounds? The other scenario, I was walking down the middle of the map near the end of the round, heard loud gunshots, and saw Txc Lance escaping from the crime scene when I looked to my left. The only thing that is blatantly obvious is your participation in this witchhunt along with a couple others. Really disgraceful.
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    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:208761381 In Game Name: Climate warfare Admin that banned you: Redfire Server: Gmod TTT Length of Ban: Permanent Why were you banned?: "aimbot" Why should we consider unbanning you? One of the young children on the server thought I was "hacking" because I got a measly 2-3 kills on one of my traitor rounds about 30 minutes ago. I then noticed MLG, DolphWin and then hashisaki join on this witch hunt against me, I thought they were just joking around. I proceeded to play as I usually do for almost 2 maps, and all of a sudden was banned for "aimbot" by Redfire, without any explanation. I'm appealing this because most of the people in the community are fun to play with, and this seems like it was a mistake, or lapse in judgement. I've never been the type to use "hacks", so please provide me with the corresponding "evidence" as I know there isn't any. This just doesn't seem right.
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    Secret Member

    Word Association

    Oh I see what this is.. Secrets
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    Make SuperCentral great again. Chi for owner 2020
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    Except it was not 2 RDM's and 1 random damage. Evidenced by the screenshots which you have no way of denying, you RDMed 4 times + the incen which killed and damaged multiple players, killing 2 specific players 13 times in a row. I will not be reducing or removing your ban, you are a regular and it should be common sense not to RDM.
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    Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    i have seen clara disrespect players at least 5 times and most of the those times you were online she was never punished (1 of those times was during the t room incident) . I would also like to see screenshots of me being disrespectful on different occasions. Well there's nothing else related to "trouble" . Still no proof of me abusing... o wait cause i never did O_o, The reasoning never really went in detail. Please tell red to explain what kind of trouble and abusing. I am not getting anything to defend myself with...... Please provide proof of anything your saying other then the things we both can agree on.
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    Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    1. why would i gag him for that? even if i were to abuse i would not gag him for something so little. please provide proof he said that, just because you said that does not mean it happened my word against yours. anyways 1/3 of my punishment is held together by a 3 second gag so far we can all agree that i was disrespectful other then that nothing is proven.


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