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    The entire community has moved on. If you cannot, then we request that you do not bring the past back up. There is no reason to bring it back up with a goal of starting drama again. So either stop or you will no longer be welcome here. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    climate, from my perspective it was pretty obvious that you have aimbot, you were able to constantly fallow a persons movement with your gun perfectly, and like lance was saying how you were fallowing people, and then killing people whenever they were a t. so could u please not try to lie about it. have a nice day
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    No you killed more than 2-3 people for sure. You wiped out almost the whole server singlehandedly yourself on your t round when you first joined us and only died to the last guy alive since he was lucky to position himself in a spot that allowed him to get the angle on you that would be impossible for you even using aimbot to have hit. Furthermore when you noticed a staff member was on you started allowing people to shoot you and you wouldn’t retaliate and shoot them back. Why is that? I finally caught you doing it again when you killed lance from halfway across the map when you weren’t even looking at him in the first place and somehow perfectly flicked onto him and killed him in one shot. If that is not aimbot then you must have the luck of the gods to hit something like that perfectly
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    1st YOU knew who was T the second the round started. (the proof is you followed people only that are Ts) and there was 4-5 people that confirmed that. 2nd Your sudden head movements when you click your mouse that points to a player. i personally witnessed it when i was hiding way above you and you twitched to look at me and crowbar-ed the air 3rd Red spectated you and proved/analyzed that you were indeed cheating 4th ''measly kills'' isn't why you were banned. its you knowing who the T was and hitting all your shots not even missing any on the Traitors. 5th calling people young children doesn't make you look smarter/wiser. they're literally TEENS - EARLY 20s
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    Hello I’m sorry you feel that way but on the first round you joined and got T you did not kill one or two people. You proceeded to massacre 11 people on the server. I then started watching you and after that you never displayed that level of competence again. During that round you made some impossible shots that are really hard to pull off and they would end up being headshots. You finally messed up and did it again when I saw you gun down lance with a single shot from across the map. The way you flicked perfectly to him when you weren’t even looking in his direction was very impressive. If you weren’t using hacks then you must have a third sense for where the t was when you would flick from looking directly away from him to his chest somehow. The way you flicked to him was too fast. It was blatantly obvious and I’m sorry you want to argue and pretend that you did not aimbot. When you played with me earlier on you also did not display that level of competence. Other people to note of your actions include hashi, momma weaboo, lance, and even Michiru for the first time when you came on the server and get kicked for multiple random damage hits to people each round
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    11 people? Now this is just plain exaggeration. I know for a fact I didn't kill more than 2-3 people. I then proceeded to be innocent for quite a while so not sure what you mean by "competence", why would I kill people on my innocent rounds? The other scenario, I was walking down the middle of the map near the end of the round, heard loud gunshots, and saw Txc Lance escaping from the crime scene when I looked to my left. The only thing that is blatantly obvious is your participation in this witchhunt along with a couple others. Really disgraceful.
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    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:208761381 In Game Name: Climate warfare Admin that banned you: Redfire Server: Gmod TTT Length of Ban: Permanent Why were you banned?: "aimbot" Why should we consider unbanning you? One of the young children on the server thought I was "hacking" because I got a measly 2-3 kills on one of my traitor rounds about 30 minutes ago. I then noticed MLG, DolphWin and then hashisaki join on this witch hunt against me, I thought they were just joking around. I proceeded to play as I usually do for almost 2 maps, and all of a sudden was banned for "aimbot" by Redfire, without any explanation. I'm appealing this because most of the people in the community are fun to play with, and this seems like it was a mistake, or lapse in judgement. I've never been the type to use "hacks", so please provide me with the corresponding "evidence" as I know there isn't any. This just doesn't seem right.

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