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  • Amx Super By bmann_420

    • 3,483
    AMX SUPER 5.0   This is a COMPLETE REWRITE of 4.2.   As you may know its been a while.... Well a long while, and in that time their has been actually quite a few different versions of the '5.0'. Although none have been completed, or as updated as this release. We all are (especially me) sorry that it has taken this long for an update, but as you know life gets tricky sometimes, and for large segments of time. So we really wanted this version to count, and we took our time, just
  • MetaMod + AMXX + AMX Super By Mikel

    • 1,108
    Package with MetaMod, AMXX & AMX Super 4.2 pre-installed. Simply drag & drop over your cstrike folder!

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