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  2. Effective immediately, the forums are now in Read-Only mode and will not accept any new registrations. If you would like to converse with us, please join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/WPzuMUV The forums will remain here as sort of an archive to the past for now. We may decide later to remove the forums if we deem needed. An update to the site will also be coming later this week. Thanks for sticking around with us during this transition period
  3. Have you used our github? AMX Super has still been stable and working fine. https://github.com/SuperCentral-Gaming-Community/AMX-Super-5.0.2/issues I'm not entirely sure what issue you're having but follow the github issue tracker and I can help you out.
  4. Hello, I am testing the "Amx super menu" plugin on my server, or it works from 10, but when a friend enters the server, he loads it and removes it instantly. nor does it allow it to enter the server, that is, during the loading of the server, it takes it out and says no sign or anything! What can be? I have version 1.9 amxmod
  5. We are transitioning our website and providing new information as well as a new website! Everything will surround a new API that Yami has been working diligently on while most of our information will be processed and communicated through Discord. If you haven't already, join it! https://discord.gg/WPzuMUV
  6. Hey what's up Fatboy. Join our discord! https://discord.gg/WPzuMUV
  7. There are some boys in the yard who want some milkshake!!! who wants to help? Fatboy slim
  8. How about actually paying for VIP. Also I think only Admins get to have the Admin tag, for obvious reasons. 3rd thing, the forums are pretty much dead, you would have better luck on the Discord or Direct Messaging a staff member.
  9. Hello pls i would like a free vip on zombie server and admin to be my nick on counter strike condition zero is LeNuSkA i attach ip to which i would like to be admin and have free vip very super server this is best Thank you
  10. -My Name: ThePseudoPistachioMelon#MLG -Players' Names Kool_Fart_Name: STEAM_0:0:521760188 RespectMcGuire: STEAM_0:0:105306899 M1LK_Kid: STEAM_0:1:124365293 Surgical: STEAM_0:0:105201677 -Reasons why they should be banned Repeated RDM/Attempted RDM and potentially using hacks to determine Traitor. -Witnesses: Just the logs -Server Supercentral TTT Minecraft Only -Evidence: I have screenshots on Steam, I don't know how to upload them, but I have them. EDIT: I uploaded my screenshots to Steam, and FrogDoggo said he slayed the RDMers. Justice is Complete This started at around 3:30 (3/27/2020) soon after RaptureOfOmega got off. So basically some guys all came on at once. It seemed normal at first, I was the T and killed two guys (while disguised) and went away. Undisguised, I was walking down the street and was randomly shot. I was confused, and wondered if it was Ghosting. But then the next round I was T, and all I did was pick up a gun and then was instantly shot. I suspected hacks to determine Traitor. Two rounds later, I was T again, and got shot while standing still at the very beginning. Next round I was T again (I couldn't believe my luck, but I couldn't do anything, when I was being shot by everyone for no reason). Guess what. Shot again. Another two rounds later, they gave up pretending and they all started to shoot me randomly at the start of every round. At this point, I'm positive they all know each other, hence why they knew I was T instantly and I heard them say each other's names. They also would randomly shoot each other for no reason, but never had an issue, and would even shoot me if I tried to help. I have screenshots of logs from countless rounds, I just need to insert them. It is indisputable
  11. The fun server currently has a new command called !pets This allows the user to get a pet,name it, color it, and so on. The pets are still in motion and slowly being modified Added a new map called knife_zone, manually ported by me to cs:go. Located here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2006811917 Updated our advertisement plugin to show better advertisements and a system that is much easier to use
  12. MiniGames Server has new Maps! workshop/1235992175/mg_potatogames_alpha0_1_d2 workshop/226785074/mg_piratewars_csgo_v7_hp workshop/202799718/mg_n64_goldeneye_go workshop/371614167/mg_elchibros workshop/452286072/mg_football_csgo_v2_1_ws workshop/855467129/mg_fun_allinone_csgo workshop/567261863/mg_humantetris workshop/653337567/mg_truck_on_fire_fix1 workshop/288966476/mg_hype_fixed workshop/524648589/mg_sonic_islands_v3_w workshop/1307144492/mg_soccer_2012_fixed workshop/581193916/mg_sharks workshop/465076604/mg_swag_multigames_v7 workshop/1768326769/woodminigame workshop/353462051/mg_randomizer_reborn_v2 workshop/1911572150/mg_pudding_multigames_v3_2 workshop/1711500928/ze_crazykart_v1 workshop/577728084/mg_hideandgoshoot workshop/565118157/mg_spearbattle workshop/476099332/mg_creative_multigames workshop/1830445642/mg_cutie_multigames_v1b workshop/670146901/mg_gh_multigames_final workshop/497221390/mg_gruber_multigames workshop/244127804/mg_jacs_multigame_r workshop/532199535/mg_lego_multigames_v9_ws workshop/1738892209/mg_raphi_multigame workshop/757293213/mg_Princess_Multigames_b5 workshop/248723651/mg_sonic_multigames workshop/483298969/mg_krane_multigames_v_1_3 workshop/781228108/mg_mikis_multigames_rcs workshop/655477750/mg_supermariobros workshop/1313105812/mg_anime_land workshop/810777849/mg_arcs_multigames_csgo_v2_ws workshop/369797639/mg_mario_party_v3_1 workshop/452295781/mg_yolo_multigames_v2_1 workshop/770050497/mg_grands_multigames_v1_1 workshop/1477472712/mg_freeroam1 CS:GO Fun Server New Maps ze_crazykart_v1 de_hamsters de_nipperhouse_go de_partycity de_radiance_go de_westwood de_westwood2 tasertron xmas_nipperhouse zuhhh_go pistoltron cs_crazytank2 de_jeepathon2k starwars fy_poolday iceworld_update3 mg_fun_allinone_csgo aim_crazyjump cs_cars saunacsgo de_rats_1337 fy_simpsons he_glass3-006 scoutzknivez 35hp_classic cs_crackhouse_b3 de_boohouse_go de_livehouse arghhh_go awp_lego_2016 cs_bridgecrossing clue csp_iceworld_go de_haunts de_sonic_v4_csgo fy_terraria_go he_dodgeball_go ka_needle_go mcdonalds-mds-csgo mg_supermariobros de_stardew scoutzknivez_mario race_city
  13. A new CS:GO Fun Server is in the works. Running currently ALL the classic cs 1.6/cs:cz maps. Have brought a lot of members from 1.6/cz to come try this server, so be sure to check it out! Map List workshop/180088707/blahhh_go workshop/1711500928/ze_crazykart_v1 workshop/603076698/de_hamsters workshop/171206137/de_nipperhouse_go workshop/301831915/de_partycity workshop/174992336/de_radiance_go workshop/288106812/de_westwood workshop/862889198/de_westwood2 workshop/304625492/tasertron workshop/334608347/xmas_nipperhouse workshop/177754941/zuhhh_go workshop/304730850/pistoltron workshop/1392441577/cs_crazytank2 workshop/322729723/de_jeepathon2k workshop/322726711/starwars workshop/1618788400/fy_poolday workshop/1704340358/iceworld_update3 workshop/855467129/mg_fun_allinone_csgo workshop/168432209/35hp workshop/401794495/aim_crazyjump workshop/280657298/cs_cars workshop/260132357/saunacsgo workshop/128672621/de_rats_1337 workshop/201101004/fy_simpsons workshop/359410500/he_glass3-006 workshop/860803366/scoutzknivez 35hp_classic cs_crackhouse_b3 Available Commands: !ws = Weapon skins !agents = Change your player skin !knife = Change knife skin !gloves = Change gloves !dookie = Works in console currently, take a massive dump on a player. 3 Headshots and you can take a colossal shit !nominate = Nominate maps !rtd = Roll the dice !rtv = rockthevote !trail = Trails !hats = Hats steam://connect/ <- Copy that and paste into your browser. or go to our serverlist and just click to join in the list! We are also looking for admins for the server to help maintain and keep the fun
  14. Just to revive and update this thread. New address is SuperCentral.co OR
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