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Head to our Github to get access to our public plugins, tools, or anything related. If you're looking for AMX SUPER, you can find it here

Report or Protest

Report player for violating our policy. This can be related to anything related to breaking the rules. Banned? Protest it below


Join us on Discord to communicate with our community! We use our discord as a forums to get quicker and faster replies.


  • No advertising is permitted on our websites, discords, servers, or anything related to SuperCentral. All bans are based on our teams discretion.
  • No cheating, hacking, or using software and/or scripts to ruin the game play for everyone else. You will be permanantely banned.
  • Exploting major bugs is no fun. We want to provide a fun experience, so let's not do this. You will be banned.
  • Do not voice/chat spam. We have a zero tolerance policy for this. This includes spamming the chat, playing music, prank calls, non-stop talking, screaming in microphone, etc.
  • Undermining or interfering with our adminstrative activities is a no go. Do not impersonate or waste their time. It won't end well for you.

  • We have absolutely zero tolerance for any form of racism or bigotry. You can do whatever you like in your day to day lives, but it will not be tolerated on our servers.
  • Don't type it, don't have in your name, don't write/draw on a sign, and don't say it in voice chat. Admins spectate constantly and if we see it, you will be banned permanently, no exceptions.
  • Very rarely do we warn. By playing on our servers you are consenting to our rules and understand the consequences for not following them.

  • Overall be considerate of everyone. Friendly banter is normal, but anything related to attacking individuals, abusive, or spreading personal information is not tolerated.
  • If your friend broke the rules and was punished for it, don't try to argue with an admin about our decision. You can tell them to come protest their bans on using the link above.
  • If you have trouble with any of the above, just keep everything to yourself. Overall just be respectful.


Where you recently banned? You can head to our bans section and hitting the "Protest Ban" button to contest your ban. If you would like to report a player for anything that is breaking our rules, please use the "Report Player" button. You can also view the bans on our servers by using the navigation menu up top.

We are currently working on a system that will make VIP and other admin related stuff done soon!

The donations you provide help run our servers, help us get better resources for our server(s), website or anything else we develop. Please keep in mind that donations can give users PERKs and VIP extras.

Head to our Github page. We have moved our plugin there as well as anything else related to SuperCentral's coding team. There are different variations in the releases, so check that out. All issues and related can be done via Github!