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#21746 OH HAI MARK!

Posted by Pandora on 09 December 2017 - 03:45 PM


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#391 Hi

Posted by Blackholez on 09 November 2013 - 02:15 AM

Im new to the Supercentral forums. I found out about it by my friend Kevin. I met Sytec today and played some Cs GO with him and Kevin hope to meet you guys and play some CS with you guys.

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#21927 Baguette abuse

Posted by Dodger™ on 11 January 2018 - 03:31 AM

Your Name: Dodger™
Players Name: The Baguette
Steam ID/IP of player: STEAM_0:1:93974064
Reason(s) why they should be demoted: He is constantly bending the rules to fit his own way. He teleports around the map even after being asked by higher ups to stop, he rdms and is a one sided staff member. He brings situatons that have nothing to do with the server into the server and starts drama. He revives himself while the round is still active. He disrespects players. He should not be staff [not to mean disrespect towards him].

Witnesses who will attest to this?: Multiple staff that will most likely respond to this.

What Server: TTT
Evidence (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc):
#1 - rdm crowbar push
#2 - attempt rdm with crowbar
#3 - Respawning self while round is active
#4 - rdm x2
#5 - Video of teleporting while the round is active [skip to 5mins and 20 seconds for TP abuse on T round]
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#21745 OH HAI MARK!

Posted by Sealvester on 09 December 2017 - 03:35 PM

do i know you from somewhere

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#21433 An unban appeal

Posted by GameGalaxy on 06 October 2017 - 06:57 PM

From the evidence presented here, I say tails is justified in what he says and should has his ban revoked, like seriously I'll resign

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#21430 An unban appeal

Posted by Tails Sernable™ on 06 October 2017 - 06:40 PM

Map I got banned on : minecraft_b5


Staff member who banned you : (Information given by Skibbley) CaptainSkittlesWorth


Motive for ban : Propkilling (Reason : Stop prop killing my d00d)


I applaud someone who banned me,

Due to the fact that he/she won't let me propkill an afk on overtime (I got the information at 10:42 AM on my timezone, but I won't edit on my post), even though someone else ask for it.

I know that the person banned me checked the logs and death scenes, but after the warnings, i only propkilled the afk via pushing to lava or crushing, since the staff members at that time failed to see that fspec is an option (sure i can tell the staff members to do it, but i did not think that one until the overtime propkill, i was about to say it, yet the person who banned me stopped me), I also did an accidental propkill by dropping a minecart on someone's head centimeters above the head, which got me surprised and didn't think that was a possibility.

Some people are propkilling too, but on my opinion, i got framed because of it, which is not surprising given the amount of the motivation i gave them to propkill, but if i got framed for it, then that's not really good, since you made conclusions without research, like a flawed hypothesis.


Also if you want me to stop, why give me a perm? Your reason of ban is not gonna apply since I can't even join the server,

Atleast give me a week of ban since it's my first time getting banned for RDM/Propkill.

The ban is unjust and I request an appeal or a week of join restriction, which both cases are understandable/reasonable than a perm.


-Tails Sernable

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#21025 Voice chat limiter for TTT

Posted by GameGalaxy on 17 July 2017 - 01:56 AM

While i may not be an expert or even novice at commands and plugins can there maybe be a voice chat limiter on the TTT Minecraft 24/7 to decrease Ear rape and confusion

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#20764 Micah's Appreciation Post

Posted by Micah on 01 March 2017 - 10:01 PM

I just wanna thank everyone who works hard to keep the server's running smoothly and properly.  I'm blessed to be part of this Supercentral family because y'all are so kind and wonderful.  Keep it up, I love y'all.



-The Flaming Hawaiian Homosexual, Micah




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#380 Recent events / Updates

Posted by bmann_420 on 08 November 2013 - 03:54 PM

Okay, so as you know we have been working hard on the site, forums and community input towards bettering this community.  I have personally been bending backwards, and my wife wants to kill me now.  But I tell her, just a little bit longer honey!  THen it will all be over... yea right, right?  uhu, well at least the late nights and lack of sleep be much less, but I wont stop working on the community. 


So on that note, I would like to overview what has been done, and what will be worked on.


What has been done since taco's last update:

  • Members management / security has been updated on the back end

  • New privacy policy / terms of service

  • chat section that taps into our irc channel #supercentral located within irc.us.gamesurge.net servers

  • a calendar to post events on and a sub category to 'pre' discuss the events at hand (text color needs to be changed on creating an even)

  • IB Economy, better known as our marketplace.  The options for this are beyond your imagination, and limitless.  I mean, it has loans with interest, lottery, investments, and even welfare!  you make money by being active.  The only thing missing is what you can spend your money on.... And i need your input on that, you can find that forum HERE

  • Supercentral facebook Page.  We have a community or 'group' and a 'page'  They are different, but based on the supercentral app that I have created so long ago at FB.  Those will need to be worked on a little bit, but they are up, and they key feature to socializing.  As it seems steam is a little out of the loop with keeping in touch. 

  • Added multiple ways to log into the forums now for new users, including steam.

  • Their is also a custom name style plugin that makes you capable of change the color/backround/type of your name that I will get into more in a little bit.

  • We have been working on images for the site, to make everything relative to our themes.

  • We are linked in with 'stop forum spam' to help detour the dam spammers.  Along with about 4 other protocols to stop them before they register.

Thats about all I can think of for now in relation to being 'DONE'.


What will be done:

  • New image sets for the entire site/forums and member names fluid with the template.

  • Complete site build.  The site is half assed right now, and it that is our main priority at this point. That includes all images (a lot) and page content, links affiliates and sponsors.  Their will be a lot of work involved, but once its done, things will be nice and way easier to get servers for free, if we look the part and start bringing people in.

  • forum google map member locator, so we know exactly where eachother are :)  (unless you dont want that..perv's)

  • New servers in time of course, that can be discussed in the appropriate forum

  • with the servers we will also have amxbans back

  • possibly pshychostats or another type (depending on how yami wants to go about it)

  • Wiki soon

  • New sections for content.  Like back in our old forums, we need a lot more conent meta tagged to bring that google crawler our way when people are searching subjects that we are linked to.  We need to derive traffic from search engines and bring people into our discussions that are relative and informative.

  • ONline compiler.  this will be nice once again to have custom includes for developers and scriptors to be able to compile their code freely without a local compiler.  That along may get some traffic from AM.

  • ANdroid development team.  I know I have been talking about it for a while, but it soon happen.  I just have to have a decent enough site to show developers that were worthy enough to create a development team and start showing off custom roms on many different phones.

  • IPB introduction into the website.  So topics like these, will be automatically posted on our website.

  • And many more things.... I will keep this thread updated as we go.

So a few shots out to the people who are stepping up with the things they have learned, or the tings they will learn and are blindly trying to help :o :D


-Yami of course, he is host of this wonderful site, gatta thank him always.  He is also working on the amxbans, maybe stats and the compiler.  Along with also offering up his server for us to play on and mod as we see fit (to an extent) for now.


-kevin  Who is helping a lot with images, small things here and their on the forums along with taking initiative of scheduling events on the calendar, and taking on a huge chunk of the website work for me.  He has been extremely active and always in contact and always stepping up, so a big thanks their kevin.


-Syn  Yessir.  Hopefully some of your whoreishness comes out when trying to make some sales pitches.  I'm sure once you get your computer up, we will all be seeing a lot more of you.


-Levin  Who has offered to help with the FB stuff and some moderation.


-Taco, we know your in school :)   But you kick started the site, and me, along with the forums.


And to everybody else who has not let SC leave your minds or your hearts.  (i know ixion was probly going to make a city for us in minecraft)  But we cant do it without active members like yourself.  But if you want this community to be all it can be + more, then we need to start thinking about the future.  Implement your lives into this community!  Let us help you by encouraging you, and bring what you know here and start networking it.  Who doesnt look up things online when they dont know it??  Yea, everybody.  So hell, lets start some things here, were not just a gaming community, were a friendship community, thats why we still talk to eachother.


So all in all, thank you, and i will keep this updated.

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#21882 New Me

Posted by BlueBerryBilly on 05 January 2018 - 02:45 AM

Hello everyone. Lots of you know me as BlueBerryBilly and I have played games for a while. I started to realize I have been getting more and more rude to people so I have changed. I finally went to therapy and sorted some family issues out and now I feel 1/1000 better but I think I can control myself now. You may see me acting different so this explains why.
Enjoy <3

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#21717 Banned "Walling/No Recoil"

Posted by GameGalaxy on 04 December 2017 - 12:16 AM

I can safely say by my own experiences with stephen on the server, he is not cheating there have been instances where i snuck up on him and killed him. If stephen WAS walling he would have known about me, I've also challenged him in gunfights and won. My verdict is stephen is not a cheater and he should be unbanned

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#21590 Hey admins alot of them were rdming and insulting

Posted by Tails Sernable™ on 11 November 2017 - 04:25 AM

Mate, this usually happens when staff leaves the server, its a natural occurance on the server.
If you're don't have confidence to face them, just leave and take a break until a staff joins or someone who can contact staff members,
Also, its your fault for using your voice to communicate in a community you don't know personally, so usually you'll get mocked due to people finding satisfaction in breaking a person's vulnerabilities, like your lack in self-esteem in your voice.

Prepubescency has ups and downs, unfortunally, this is one of the downs. If you want to be respected overtime, use your prepubescent years to make memories with your irl friends if you have any, it will help develop your character/personality and confidence in facing people you haven't met before, which will help you gain trust in people, especially on the server.
No matter where you go on the internet, you'll get mocked/insulted/roasted/dissed for a reason, so it's best to develop courage to face or ignore, and truly have fun, so it's best to be prepared for those. (I am not responsible for your sanity breaks, I'm just telling you to leave and have fun on the place known as "outside")

If you're going to stay, best option is to just change name, type to communicate and don't hint about your personal info.
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#21434 An unban appeal

Posted by Sealvester on 06 October 2017 - 06:57 PM

godspeed tails my man

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#21188 Admin Abuse 8/14

Posted by Witherrrer on 14 August 2017 - 06:24 PM

well i would like to say: lets not get salty about this


now, damaging health stations? why kill a guy for DAMAGING  it? 


You must be certain the person you are killing is a Traitor.

so I understand you killed someone because he damaged the station, but understand that Nasty killed you because you killed someone. but here is the thing:



You CAN KOS for these actions.

  • Killing someone for no reason
  •  Damaging a Health Station, or pushing it into an inaccesible area

So nasty said he could not see the health station, am i right?

but did you say "I will kill this lad right here because he is breaking the rules."?


if not, it is technically:


You CAN KOS for these actions.

  • Killing someone for no reason


but then it would also apply to nasty, as he didn't ask, but then here is the thing: he killed you because you killed the other guy with no reason. see?

I am NOT SAYING nasty has no fault::


This includes disrespectful, rude, and explicit language.(We like jokes, but don’t be a jerk.)

so yes nasty trash talked you, but then, how did you respond? kindly? or did you also fling your **** at him?

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#21165 Improvement Suggestions

Posted by Pandora on 12 August 2017 - 07:19 PM

A little while ago in TeamSpeak, Bmann brought up how he wanted to see what we thought could help improve/upgrade both the SC Website and the TTT Server. So Micah and I decided to pitch the idea of starting a sort of survey to see what everyone thought could help the server and website in their current state.


So here's the main point of this topic; Tell us what you think would be a great addition to either the website or the TTT server. You can suggest to bring back something that was removed you missed, a new look for the website, or even adding a new tab to the forums dedicated to showing how much of a nerd Taco is.


If you can't come up with anything or just don't care to write, look through and find something you think would be a good idea and up-vote it. (This doesn't mean to trash on other people's opinion).


Once we have enough suggestions, we'll go through and find the favorites and group them together as the finalists and then the higher-ups can decide which ones go through or which ones are even possible. (If a suggestion you liked didn't get chosen, please don't whine about it to the higher-ups)


Can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and as for my personal suggestion I want to bring back the special game-mode rounds we had a long time ago.


(Let's hope we can get the lag situation sorted out on the server so that doesn't have to be one of the finalists).

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#21074 Bring back the special rounds

Posted by GameGalaxy on 28 July 2017 - 10:46 PM

There used to be Special rounds a while ago, and I'm unsure why. I'm making to suggest we bring back those minigame rounds like Deagle only rounds, Hunter,TDM, Dodgeballm and one in the chamber

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#19178 Hi..

Posted by Trinity on 10 January 2016 - 07:53 PM

  • Name: Trinity                                                                                                                           
  • Location: Supercentral is my home
  • People I know in the Supercentral community: I don't know anyone
  • Games I play: Not Garry's Mod
  • Hobbies: Crying
  • Supercentral Servers I've played on: Mostly just TTT
  • About Myself:
  • I'm a 12 year old boy
  • Kyle is rude
  • Micah is my overprotective gay best friend
  • Missile is abusive
  • None of these are really about myself
  • Don't go into Notes channel (no for real, don't)
  • There's not a hidden message


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#19036 A story about a real homie

Posted by iTaco on 23 December 2015 - 10:40 PM

Ducks. That dude is life. bro stays strong when he is a traitor and I'm not dude looks out for me. Dat is wifey material.




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#18342 ael

Posted by ael on 04 March 2015 - 01:28 PM

What is your name? 



How old are you?

I'm old.


Do you know anyone in Supercentral.

I know some douche bag named taco aka burrito.


Where do you live?

I live on a planet called Earth.


What games do you play?

COUNTER-STRIKE FOR LIFE. I just started playing Cs:GO and Gary's Mod.


What are you hobbies?

My hobbies are to play my games!


Have you played on any of our servers? if so which ones did you like?

I played in a Gary's Mod TTT server..... WEIRD 


Tell us about yourself!

I love to poop.


Perhaps a IRL picture?




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#18344 ael

Posted by kevin on 04 March 2015 - 03:42 PM

Welcome! We could always use more people playing CS  :D

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